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Marius tells a story that a long time ago, there was a beautiful and kind daughter. However, the princess was kicked out of the kingdom and went to a smaller island. On the island, he met an ancient giant statue made of stone. When the princess is being attacked by the pursuers, the giant, who is considered only a statue, comes to life and protects the princess.

The pure heart of the princess had driven the giant to action. The giant and the princes left for their own home, and the giant brought him back to his kingdom. Marius’s comment is the story of the Legend of the Princess and the Giant that was told since time immemorial. No one listens to them because they enjoy splashing around on the beach. Marius yells at Danios that he told the story for her sake.

Hortensia Saga Episode 7will be released on Thursday, 18 February 2021 JST. You can check out this anime AnimeLab and Funimation. Let’s find out the truth about the fake princess below.

Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

Previously on Hortensia Saga Episode 6

Maurice and Alfred join the two, telling Danios that they are not him who can swim; they’re on a mission. She reveals that a young woman claimed to be Princess Marielle who went missing. She is here on Juin Island, and the soldiers believe that she is the real princess. His allies grow every day while Jim tells the fake princess to get ready to speak to his people. Jim went out and talked to the volunteer soldiers.

Fake Princess

Jim Mcneill is the leader of the volunteer army, and he tells the soldiers that Mariel’s daughter is coming soon. Alred and the crew reach fake princess territory, and Danios comments that she’s popular. He thought that he was the real deal, and Marius was worried about something. Moru asks him what it is, and Marius thinks he has to reveal the truth. Maurice tells him he must not rush until the time comes.

Marius is worried that she is Marielle’s real daughter and his kingdom is looking for her. After his father died, he changed his identity. Rugis and his squad go after his head, and Maurice hides it and changes his identity. She is also worried that her real identity will cause chaos because people don’t know who the real princess is. Maurice tells her that he will protect her even if the truth comes out.

The fake princess came and spoke to her people; everyone was stunned by her beauty. He even overheard from Danios and Alfred, who agreed with what he said. He talked about the war between humans and monsters. Her speech touched the hearts of every man and woman who listened to it. He introduced a new battle giant for the upcoming war. He goes and says he will see them later.

Marius thought the fake princess was ridiculous, and he thought he could pull off this act instantly. Danios looks at her and realizes that no one will believe her because fake princesses are cool. Meanwhile Jim praised Marielle’s daughter that his actions brought new applicants to their volunteer squad. Marie is happy that the peace and safety of the island of Juin is guaranteed.

Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

True Identity Daughter

The soldiers carried a message to the princes that the Orthodox Church was on the move. They are looking for Marielle’s daughter under the guise of a witch hunt. The soldiers comment that if they find out that the real princess is him, everything will be destroyed. They also think it’s time they attack the capital and protect the princess. Marielle comments that she doesn’t want to be free, and the army misunderstands her.

They thought that he was allowing the superiors to call in more soldiers and fight back. Jim decided to stop the army from attacking the capital. Marielle is worried that she is not the real daughter the capital is looking for. Then, Alfred and the others confront Marielle, and she confesses everything. Marius thought that the fake prince would stick to his word that he was Marielle’s daughter. Maurice realized that there were reasons beyond his actions.

The girl reveals that she is Marie and Alfred asks why she pretended to be Marielle’s daughter. He reveals that it started as a game since the monster attacked, and he decided to gather an army using the princess’s name. The troops he had assembled had defeated monsters, and everyone was safe from any threat. Marie was afraid that her troops might find out the truth and was disappointed.

Marius and the others have decided to help him, but Marie and Jim decide to tell the truth. They want to free themselves from the burden of lies and give false hopes to soldiers. At night, they gathered their troops and told the truth. The soldiers were disappointed at first, but they decided to stay with Marie and Jim.

Hortensia Saga Episode 7 Preview


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