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Alfred, Danios and the others set out to start a war. Aldeheida told Princess Marielle that the tide of war was turning in their favor. She also told him that his wish to reclaim the throne would soon be fulfilled. Princess Marielle replied that it had come true; he had a mission he had to carry out. Aldeheid asked what the mission was. Princess Marielle reveals that her mission is to bring down the Pope and save Charlot. He wanted to make sure the relic didn’t fall into someone’s hands. The final episode of the Hortensia Saga is below.

Marielle is pleased to have the support from both sides. Meanwhile, Alfred and the other soldiers slaughter their enemies in battle. He is happy because there is a glimmer of hope for those who want peace and those who want to live in peace. Marielle vows that she will take everyone’s wish, wish and unite them as one. Goerg has finished reading his book and comments that the time has come he can die without regrets. He came out and left his book on the table.

Previously on Hortensia Saga Episode 11

Maurice slashes down the knights one by one as they plan to reclaim the kingdom back in their hands. He managed to block the two knights, but the others attacked from behind. A large ax pierced the head of the knight attacking Maurice from behind. Maurice heard a voice telling him that he was starting to lose his sharpness. The commander of Royal Order Squad 2 Balthauser Dreadnought appeared. He told Maurice that he shouldn’t be shaken by young people like this.

Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

Eternal Heroes

Maurice doesn’t believe that Balthauser’s old man is fighting. Marielle and the others arrived at the battle. He heard that Balthauser had arrived, but that it was a little too late. Aldeheid thought Balthauser was killed by Flegel. Balthauser replies that they might try to hit him from the shadows or knock him off a cliff, but he won’t die. Maurice comments that the old geezer is not called an immortal hero for anything. All enemies have been defeated since the immortal hero arrived.

Danios comments that it’s not being a hero; it’s more like being a monster. He was surprised that the old geezer swept away half of the troops with one move. Aldeheid asked the immortal hero to return to his previous army and take command of it. Balthauser decided to bow before Princess Marielle before leading his army. He told Marielle that he couldn’t stop Vall d’Helbron’s past ambitions. He also failed to protect the king of Charlot, and he apologized for his mistake.

Marielle comments that the tragedy that befell this nation stems from her father’s perverted wish. He reveals that he will stop everything that was created by his family that caused the downfall of the nation. Balthauser is glad Princess Marielle has grown up to be a good woman. Meanwhile, Lugis is in the forest with Roy. She tells Roy that the time has come, and Roy says, what if he refuses. Lugis tells Roy who will remain on the throne if he refuses. He tells Roy that he has to follow him and they will join the battle.

Captain Georg

Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

The Elva twins are happy because it is time for them to enjoy killing. Alfred and Maurice noticed that their enemies had good tactics, which meant they had good leadership. Maurice comments that it is a fighting style that makes an enemy sport by coordinating one’s army. Maurice realized that there was only one person who was skilled at it, and that was Georg. Georg instructs the knights on how they should fight Princess Marielle’s army.

He betrayed Alfred and Maurice since they worked together in the first place. But now Georg is showing his true colors. George ordered the knights to hold off the rebel army no matter what it took. Alfred questions Maurice why captain Georg is fighting against them because he is Maurice’s friend. Maurice says friendship and faith are two different things. He decides to fight against Georg alone and finish the score.

Maurice reveals that he knows how Georg operates, and that he is the only one who can take him down. The battle began, and the soldiers began to brutally kill each other. Maurice confronts Georg and asks why he remains loyal to the Orthodox Church. Georg says he is doing his job. Two sword slashes exchanged; Meanwhile, Lugis and Roy arrive at the battlefield. Lugis tells the Eva twins that they are here for the relics.

Hortensia Saga Episode 12 Release Date

Hortensia Saga Episode 12 will be released on Thursday, March 24, 2021 JST. You can watch the Hortensia Saga online at AnimeLab and Funimation. Let me take you to the preview of the final episode below.

Hortensia Saga Episode 12 Preview

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