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Now, we rarely talk about films from other countries, but today we have found a film that is indeed a horror film that deserves to be mentioned here. The film is a recent South African horror film called Gaia, the film comes to the fore because XYZ Film has acquired the worldwide distribution rights of this film which means it will be released worldwide after XYZ takes the rights. The film will be released this month itself, and so there is a lot of talk about it.

This film is basically based on a horror story set in an ancient forest, involving all the deadly adventures you can imagine spending a night in the jungle. But, here the story in the Gaia film is about a father and son who are in the forest completing a mission and the things that bring nightmares are what is shown in the film, a little insight into the film has been obtained from the trailer that was released a few days ago. ago and fans have appreciated the trailer and teaser of the film which means they will be looking forward to seeing this film.

South African Horror Movie- Gaia

Still From Gaia

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Cast & Plot Details

The South African horror film Gaia stars Monique Rockman, Alex van Dyk, Carel Nel, and Anthony Oseyemi. The film was directed by Jaco Bouwer, and the script and screenplay were written by Tertius Kapp.

The story is about a park ranger on a surveillance mission in a vast and dense primordial forest who sees two people who survive in the forest in the same form. Father, son duo are who they are in the jungle, and there begins the real horror part of the story because this father and son have their own religion and a mysterious relationship that suits nature, and that sort of thing falls apart when they come into contact with the ranger. . The trailer is enough to instill the horror the film will have; everything looks good in the trailer.

The story can be imagined; you may get goosebumps just imagining it, let alone that you will be where you are. You have been living in a dense forest with your father or son, for that matter, and you don’t know what mysterious things are going on in the forest, which of course scares you. To be clear, you have to watch the film defiantly, the posters and trailers show that the film is worth watching and if you are a person who likes to watch this kind of film then you should not miss to miss this film and also with the XYZ film Effort this film is not will be released in South Africa and beyond but also around the world that is what should be the main goal of art.

South African Horror Movie- Gaia

Gaia Still

Gaia- Release Date

The good news is that this film will be released worldwide because some good films have to be released worldwide as this also increases the appreciation of other people’s work. So, the film’s release date in the United States is March 16, 2021, which means there is only a week or so left for the film. It seems that the film didn’t get much attention so it should be able to run on the internet like we see in other films, but still, if people start watching this film, people will automatically start creating buzz in the film. the internet about this kind of film release.

XYZ Films has chosen a new strategy for its business; The company has begun acquiring various distribution rights for other nation’s films. Companies now know that audiences always want something new, and meeting this growing demand is the best thing they can do so far. The company has acquired the rights to the Berlin sci-fi film Panorama named Raider as well as other romantic comedy books.

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