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Yuki visits a bookstore looking for her favorite popular book. He found that only one copy was left when he wanted to retrieve it. Sakura took it, and she allowed it to take it, hoping she’d have it again tomorrow. While he was still at the bookstore, he noticed that Ishikawa was annoyed by something. Ishikawa saw Hori and Miyamura leaving together, and it bothers him. Yuki noticed and cheered Ishikawa.

He started hanging out with Ishikawa every day so that he would forget about Hori and Miyamura. Ishika wonders why Yuki got so close to her ever since Miyamura and Hori started dating. Yuki starts to like Ishikawa more than before, but she realizes that Ishikawa hasn’t forgotten Hori. Ishikawa has just accepted the fact that Miyamurais, her friend, and Miyamura are in love with Hori. On the way, Ishikawa was restless with Sakura.

Horimiya Episode 8 will be released on Sunday, February 28, 2021, 12:30. Stream or watch this Horimiya officially Funimation and AnimeLab. Come see today’s episode below.

Previously on Horimiya Episode 7

Ishikawa apologized for messing up Sakura’s uniform with the coffee she was carrying. She told him to wait till he returned. While she was leaving, Sakura asked Yuki if she was dating Ishikawa. Yuki denied it because he realized that Sakura also liked Ishikawa. Sakura was glad that what she suspected was not true. Ishikawa came back and gave Sakura his jacket. She tells him she will return it the next day as her uniform is messy.

Yuki didn’t believe it, but she accepted it, thinking it couldn’t be more than that. Then Sakura went to the student council room and talked to Sengoku. He asks Sengoku about Remi, and he tells her he’s out. Sakura asked what Sengoki had seen in Remi. Sengoku replied that Remi was weak, and he always wanted to protect her, and he gave her courage. Sakura also realized that Remi also helped her and gave her the courage not to give up on what she wanted.




The next day Sakura stopped Ishika in the driveway and returned her jacket. She tells her that she washed it first time that she will return it clean. Ishikawa thanked her and told her that she would see him later. When he left, he stopped Ishikawa. He asks her what it is, and she says she made a cake for him. Ishikawa accepted the cake as a thank you present. He tastes them and tells her they are delicious; he wants to get more.

Sakura started to bring cookies to Ishikawa every day, and Yuki heard about it. Yuki has lunch with Hori, who asks about Ishikawa. Yuki comments that Ishikawa must have been eating the cake that Sakura baked. Hori wondered why Sakura would prefer Ishikawa over Yuki. Then Yuki met the two in the hallway, and she realized that it had become more than just a cake business. He started to wonder what happened between Sakura and Ishikawa.

Yuki realized that Sakura would never appear when she wanted something or when she was in love with someone. Sakura also gave Yuki a cake, thanking her for wiping her clothes the other day. Yuki left the two jokes behind and enjoyed their time together. He went near the trash and wanted to throw the cake away. He was angry that Sakura was always with Ishjika and offered him a cake. Angry, he ate the cake and decided not to throw it away.




The next day he visited a bookstore and found the copy he was looking for. But Sakura came and took it, and she allowed it. Hori watched her and asked why since she was the first to come. Yuki replied that she had read the book many times. Then Yuki confronted Miyamura asking him to teach him how to bake. Miyamura said no, but he could learn. If he made a mistake, he couldn’t give up.

The next day Yuki arrived with a burnt cupcake and showed Miyamura. Miyamura thought that Ishika wouldn’t like them. When Ishikawa arrived, Yuki tried to hide the cupcake, but she saw it. He eats it and tells her he’s waiting for the next better one. Yuki was happy that she would challenge Sakura to see who would offer Ishikawa more cake or cupcakes. Later, Miyamura left for Hokkaido, and she would stay there for a week.

Hori began to miss Miyamura and counted each day as time went on; she keeps texting him. Miyamura noticed that she left the charger behind. She asked her uncle, but the charger wouldn’t fit, and she also started missing Hori. After four days, while in Hokkaido, he decided to leave. On his way, he met Hori who was following him. She hugs him and tells him he can’t last five days without him.

Horimiya Episode 8 Preview

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