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The next morning, Sota asked his father how long he would stay here. Kyosuke replied that Sato would be said to be if he left. Sota comments that he is going to pee, and his father tells him not to fall inside. Yuriko asked her husband if he planned to stay for a long time. Kyosuke said he wasn’t sure, and Hori returned with Miyamura. He told his father that he had brought Miyamura. Kyosuke pretended not to know who Miyamura was.

He looked at Miyamura’s hair and realized that they were talking about cutting hair. Hori reminded his father of the lines he liked, and he later began to recognize Miyamura. Kyosuke asked Miyamura if she could take a bath with him. Miyamura said she couldn’t. He reassured Miyamura and took a bath together while Hori watched TV. Then, the family enjoyed dinner together. Miyamura noticed that it was too late and decided that she had to leave.

Horimiya Episode 7 will be released on Sunday, February 20, 2021, at 12:30 pm. Those who want to stream or watch this Anime can officially visit it Funimation and AnimeLab. This anime is available on various streaming platforms. See below.



Previously in Episode 6

Kyosuke asked him to stay the night. Sota convinces Miyamura to stay and says he can sleep in his room. Kyosuke said Miyamuri would sleep in father’s room. They go to make a bet, and Hori tells them goodnight before he closes the door. Kyosuke says Miyamura wishes he was in Hori’s room, and Miyamura says he didn’t think about that. Kyosuke asked Miyamura what attracted him to his daughter.


Miyamura said she liked how Hori didn’t judge people by her appearance. He wanted to tell him more about Hori, but he realized that Kyosuke was sleeping. In the morning, Hori visited the two of them. As usual, he headed to open the window and stomped on his father’s butt as if he was stepping on the floor. Kyosuke screams and wakes up, and he realizes that his daughter woke him up when he was around. Miyamura was surprised that Hori was wearing a middle school gym outfit.

The three of them go to school, and Kyosuke wants to take them out. Hori said they would arrange it. Two students who were passing through Hori’s house saw Miyamura and Hori coming out. They start to wonder if the two of them are dating, and they spread rumors about it. When Hori and Miyamura got to school, people started whispering. Some of the punks who liked Hori thought it was too sexy to be with Miyamura. In the classroom, Miyamura heard other girls talking about her, and she just looked away as if she didn’t hear anything.

Ishikawa couldn’t believe the rumors, and he was angry that it might be true that Hori was in love with Miyamura. Yoshikawa cried in front of Ishikawa, and she brushed her hair. Heís wondering why she is crying. At the same time, Hori was confronted by a punk who asked him if he was dating Miyamura. Hori confessed that he was dating Miyamura and the dumbfounded punk. One of them thought that she was lying because she had rejected many men who were hurt by her new love story.

Miyamura went into hiding, listening to the two ruffians who thought she wasn’t worthy of him. Miyamura was angry and wanted to attack the bastard. He realized that Ishikawa told him to ignore them because they were idiots. Miyamura also realized that Hori didn’t care what other people thought of their relationship. He decided to relax and stay calm; later, Hori was asked about her husband’s whereabouts. He replied that he didn’t know.




Ishikawa reveals that Miyamura will return after lunch. Suddenly, Miyamura came back. She surprises the whole class with her new look, and she goes off and says morning to Hori. Hori couldn’t believe it was Miyamura and the other girls who had gathered near Miyamura. They ask why she cut her hair and why she doesn’t wear blazer. Miyamura said that because it was summer, and Ishikawa thought Miyamura would come back sooner.

The girls started taking pictures of Miyamura and sharing them. Hori was an eyesore, and he took the camera and approached Miyamura’s face. She started taking photos without stopping. The two of them returned home, and Sato was impressed by Miyamura’s new appearance. Kyosuke asks who this person is, and he comments, how transformed. Kyosuke asks if he got dumped, and Hori says if he had dumped him, he wouldn’t take her.

Miyamura received a call, and Kyosuke asked if it was another girl. Miyamura replied that it was a friend. Kyosuke thought it was a girl because Miyamura’s appearance could attract anyone’s attention. Then the two of them visited Shindou and were also stunned to see how Miyamura had changed. Shindou couldn’t believe that sweet and precious Miyamura was lost forever. Then they watched a horror film with Kyosuke, who said they scared him. He couldn’t believe that his daughter was bullying him.

Horimiya Episode 7 Preview


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