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Working with service organizations and redesigning their workspaces seems like a great idea. And it becomes much cooler if it is Done by a trio of Dad, Daughter, and Son. It was on a reality TV show too. That is the reality of the television show Holmes Family Effect. This show really is based on one unique idea. Where the sons and their dads work to improve the entire workspace of the service office. Each episode features a new design and a new set. Shows how this rebuild procedure. And how this has improved the office. The schedule of the Holmes Family Effects Episodes is mentioned below.

The show is hosted by Mike James Holmes who is a Canadian Builder, entrepreneur, investor, television presenter and philanthropist. His first television series, Holmes on Homes, is based on a rescue mission he undertakes to save homes that have gone wrong. Holmes Family Effect first airs on February 7, 2021 On CTV. CTV is a Canadian English speaking channel. The series is now also with Fox studios to broadcast in the US later. The series stars Mike Holmes, his beloved daughter Sherry Holmes and son Mike Holmes Jr. The series currently has 4 episodes and there is no word on whether there will be more episodes or not.

Production, Cast and Crew

Holmes Family Effects Episode Schedule

photo from Holmes Family Effect

The Canadian show Holmes Family Effect will premiere on February 7, 2021. The show is broadcast on CTV which is a popular Canadian English Channel. The premiere every Sunday. After its premiere date. Currently, the series is in its fourth episode. The cast and crew for the show are the Holmes family Mike Holmes, Mike Holmes Jr., and Sherry Holmes. besides them the cast also includes Riley Stevenson and Russell Peters, Frank Meleca, and finally Erich Saide. Which appears in four episodes of this series.

The series crew includes the producers of this epic series, Jonathan Payne, Grant Grischuk, and also Paul McConvey. The person who provided the direction for this show and made sure that it was a great show. Director Robin Johnston. Lastly, in the post of executive producer is Mike Holmes himself along with Tina Apostolopoulos. The team has partnered with the production company Make it Right Productions to produce this show. The show also gave Fox entertainment rights. American television channel. The channel premiered the program on March 16 in the United States as a special two-day program. The second day is March 23. Each day it will be broadcast as a special two hours from 8pm to 10pm.

The Holmes Family Effect: An Episode Schedule For Fox

Holmes Family Effects Episode Schedule

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The episode schedule was not clear to many viewers. Although the show will premiere every Sunday at 8 p.m. from February 16 onwards. It confused the audience a little because of his slightly irregular arrival. The current season only has 4 episodes. There are also rumors that the season has ended following the arrival of its fourth episode. This is just speculation at the moment but could also come true as the series was never updated after the 4th episode.

The schedule for Holmes Family Effect Season 1 episodes is:

  • Holmes Family Effect Episode 1 – March 16- A Trade of Life Time. In this episode, the Holmes family have assisted a construction trade teacher at Judith Nyman Middle School in Brampton, Ontario. They redesigned the class.
  • Holmes Family Effect Episode March 2- 16- Think Big Dream Bigger: They helped Solid State, a talent incubator, redesign the workspace into something more flexible suitable for a group of young entrepreneurs.
  • Holmes Family Effect Episode 3- March 23: Step by step: They work with a Work Supplies organization that supplies free clothing to low-income men and women who are rejoining the workforce. They got help repairing their overcrowded office.
  • Holmes Family Effect Episode 4- 23 March- Hold the Fort: The Fort is a youth center located in Smithville. It got a tremendous transformation from an old and nearly broken facility.

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