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Fly High Butterfly is a new upcoming South Korean drama which is scheduled to air very soon. The filming and filming of the drama is nearing completion and final editing, refurbishment is ongoing. In a month or two we will soon be seeing promotions for dramas and co-stars at press conferences. To date, no official teaser or trailer has been released by the production team but it will be released soon.

The plot of the story is set in the hair salon and the workers around there. The story revolves around the three main characters Gi Bbeum, Kwang Soo, and Michelle. Gi Bbeum is a young girl in her early twenties and an apprentice as an assistant at the hair salon, Fly High Butterfly. At the salon, there are three other people who are also apprenticed with him and are well managed, but Bbeum has a hard time managing the apprenticeship. Moo Yeol’s fellow interns Teacher Woo, and Soo Ri manage their work well while she has a hard time dealing with customers. On the other hand, Gwang Soo is the hairstylist at Fly High Butterfly and is passionate and enthusiastic about his job and matches the director and fellow hairstylists who work there. Michel is a salon director and has a good bond with Gwang Soo.

K-Drama Series Flying High Butterfly

flying butterfly high

The final editing of Fly High Butterfly is in progress and we will soon be seeing it on the original JTBC network. This drama is also known as Fly Up Butterfly, Nalaollala Nabi, Narollara Nabi, and Salon de Nabi. the drama direction was done under Kim Da Ye and Kim Bo Kyung. Drama genre includes life and drama.

Who is the Cast Of Fly High Butterfly?

As for the cast under Kim Da Ye and Kim Bo Kyung and screenwriting under Park Yeon Sun, Kim Hyang Gi has been cast for the lead roles playing Gi Bbeum, Choi Daniel as Kwang Soo, and Oh Yoon Ah. as Michelle or Mi Cell.

In supporting roles, we will see Shim Eun Woo as Jen, Park Jung Woo as Moo Yeol, Moon Tae Yu as teacher Woo, Kim Ga Hee as Soo Ri, and Yoo In Soo.

kim hyang gi

The main character in the drama fly high butterfly

We have seen Kim Hyang Gi before in several dramas, films, and special appearances. He has been in the industry for quite a while since he first started his career as a child actor in 2006. His famous drama The queen’s classroom received huge acclaim in the industry and he even won an award for it. She also won the best actress award for her role as innocent witness at the 9th Golden Cinema Film festival. Some of his other notable works include Moment at eighteen, sweet revenge, Along with the God e, I, Space Sweepers Innocent Witness, and many more.

choi daniel

The main character in the drama fly high butterfly

As for Choi Daniel, we have seen him as an announcer many times, and he has also done several Dramas, Movies, Specials, and TV shows. He is best known for his roles in School 2013, Jugglers, High Kick Through the Roof, and The Chronicles of Evil.

oh yoon ah

the lead actress of the drama fly high butterfly

Oh Yoon Ah plays the role of Michelle here. He is a model and actor. She also did entertainment reporting for MBC’s 2013 TV section. She has been active mostly on TV shows and has so far appeared in three films in supporting roles. He is best known for his work in If You Only Knew, While you were sleeping, The incarnation of money, You’re all surround, Saimdang light’s diary, and Once Again.

Fly High Butterfly Release Date (2021)

The upcoming drama Fly High Butterfly will be released on May 24, 2021 and will end on July 13, 2021. It will air every Monday and Tuesday on JTBC’s original network. Dama will have a total of 16 episodes with a duration of approximately 60 minutes each. So, are you excited for this upcoming drama, and what your expectations are from it, let us know.


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