Happy New Year New Korean Movie Announces Cast: Lee Dong Wook Joining


Another Korean film is on its way. “Happy New Year” is a star-studded film, and is sure to attract a huge following. This film has just released its lineup. Lee Dong-Wook, YoonA, and Kang Ha Neul are a few to name. Also, it’s quite difficult to pick our favorite star from the cast. It definitely looks like one of the best of the crew, and we can’t wait for the film to go into more detail. However, apart from the cast, a short synopsis of the film was also released for fans. The literal title for the film is “Happy New Year,” and in fact, we’ve got some exhilarating vibes from the film. So go ahead and get all the details about the upcoming movie.

Happy New Year is an upcoming South Korean film. It is led by Kwak Jae Young (Color of the Wind, Rebels of Time). As for the writer, no one was assigned to write the current scenario. However, we are sure that the information will come out soon. Given that the film is still in its infancy, there is much to be said. Happy New Year will be distributed under CJ Entertainment in Korea. However, the international broadcast is still a mystery.

Indeed, the appearance of the film is different from the usual. And it’s bound to see the lives of different characters give us a different way of looking at life.

Happy New Year- Cast

Nothing has come out yet except the cast and synopsis. Moreover, the character of the film was not released at this time.

The cast list includes star Han Ji Min (Hyde Jekyll, Me), Lee Dong Wook (Goblins, Touch Your Heart), Kang Ha Neul (River Where The Moon Rises, Lovers of the Moon), Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (K2, get out), Won Jin Ah (He Will Never Know, Rise Or Shine), and Seo Kang Joon (Are you human? Cheese in the Trap). Joining them was Lee Kwang Soo (Running Man, Busted); Kim Young Kwang (On Your Wedding Day, Pinocchio); Go Sung Hee (My Holo Love, Suits); Lee Jin Wook (Sweet Home, Voice 2); Lee Kyu Hyung (Hi Bye Mama, Prison Playbook); Jo Joon Young (Dear M., Live On); Won Ji An (Melting Me Softly); Lee Hye Young (Kimchi Smile Cheese); and Jung Jin Young (Kings and Clowns, Me and Me).

Happy Korean Movie New Year

The official cast for the new film, Happy New Year

Obviously, it’s amazing to see so many actors getting together on a project. Moreover, there are rarely Korean films that are centered on many characters. We definitely want to see Happy New Year. As of now, no release date has been announced by the production team. However, it has been confirmed that shooting for the film will begin on April 19. We predict it will be released in late 2021.

Happy New Year- Synopsis

Han Ji Min will play the role of a hotel manager who is always working at work, but she has been hesitant to express her feelings to her friends for 15 years. Lee Dong Wook playing the young and handsome hotel CEO, obsessed with even numbers. Kang Ha Neul is looking for a job after failing the civil service exam repeatedly for five years. He also got dumped by his girlfriend.

YoonA is playing the role of a brave and confident, temporary hotelier Won Jin Ah will be seen playing the role of a musical actress who puts aside her dreams and job to work as a room maid in a hotel. Seo Kang Joon will play the role of a musician and DJ who has all the spotlight on himself after being unknown for several years. Lee Kwang Soo is to become a manager for an artist who is not yet a superstar and get offers from various agencies when its expiration is coming to an end. Kim Young Kwang and Go Sung Hee is playing the role of PD (production director) and Jazz pianist, who is planning their wedding.

Lee Jin Wook is in the role of a plastic surgeon who visits the hotel every Saturday waiting for that special someone to show up. Lee Hye Young was playing as a hotel doorman, meanwhile Jung Jin Young plays a businessman who visits Korea to attend his daughter’s wedding but finally reconciles with his first love from 40 years ago. On the other hand, a budding actor Jo Joon Young and Won Ji An was playing high school swimmer and figure skater.


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