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Upcoming American Comedy Romantic Thriller is Happily. The film indulges in Comedy and some romance between the couple and looks set to get excited halfway through. The Dark Comedy is financed by Common Wall Media Chuckies Duff. Happily’s First Look has been released and received good response over the years.

The couple happily married Joel McHale and Kerry Bishe. Show their love for 14 years and spend every moment as their honeymoon. Looks like their honeymoon isn’t over yet. Ensuring that they have the same love and loyalty for a long time and forever. Some are married and are living life together well. Over time, couples discover that their friends hate their relationship. Everyone has so many doubts about their relationship. How is it possible for 14 long years to maintain a good relationship without making a difference?

They have questioned the loyalty of their friends when they receive mysterious visits from strangers; because it leads to the Undead. Until this film is released, it is still a suspense of people how do they find bodies? What was the stranger doing? What exactly is their relationship status? how did they end up with corpses? Who is the stranger? Why do their Freinds lead to loyalty? All these questions arouse curiosity and make it more interesting.

Cast and Production

Every actor in this film plays his role very well to get the best output. Joel Mchale as Tom. Kerry Bishe as Janet. Stephen Root as Goodman. Natalie Morales as Patrica. Jon Daly as Donald. Many other actors were involved, such as Kirby Howell-Baptise, Charlyne Yi, Breckin Meyer, Shannon Woodward, Brea Grant, Al Madrigal.

Saban Films director Bill Bromiley said that “Happily is a twisted dark comedy told through fresh voices with a fantastic ensemble cast. Bendavid really keeps you guessing throughout the film, and we can’t wait to bring it to our audience. “

The sentences given by Saban Filmmakers further increased people’s curiosity and anxiety about watching the film and how the mystery would turn around. How can comedy turn into a thriller with romance? All questions have answers, but the wait needs to be continued until March 19.

Ben David Grabinski has directed quite well with a decent screenplay. Nancy Leopardi, Ross Kohn, Jack Black, and Spencer Berman will produce the film under Indy Entertainment. Kyle Newman and Chuckie Duff will serve as executive producers. This film was edited by Spencer Houck. Adam Bricker did the cinematography for the film and did a pretty good job. Finally, the film’s composer is Joseph Trapanese.

Release Date Happily

The film ‘Happily’ was originally scheduled for release on April 18, 2020, however due to the worldwide pandemic and lockdown, the film could not be released. Then in November 2020, Saban Films has taken the distribution rights to the film. Finally, The Movie Happily will be released on March 19, 2021 worldwide.


The trailer gives a lot of fun about the film and keeps a suspicious mystery. Director Bendavid Grabinski directed the film in a way that depicts romance and thriller comedy well. Only we are left in our minds with the refreshing new voice of first-time filmmaker Ben-David Grabinskikeep as we guess and enter a romantic comedy with more of a twist of darkness and mystery. The trailer provides a spectacular view of the film and turns out to be a mystery that ends with curiosity or interesting question. The trailer provides a glimpse into comedy, romance, and some suspense and solves questions.

The team expects it to be a very successful film with good financial results, including Domestic and International Results from the box office, Video Sales, Video Rentals, and TV. The happy title looks dangerous in red on a black background making it all the more interesting, and the background music adds a bit of flavor to the trailer and makes the audience even more exciting.

This film has a duration of 95 minutes. However there are no critic reviews to be happy with. They are also no featured reviews. The genre is Black Comedy.


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