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Greyhound is an American film released in 2020. Aron Schneider is directing it. Starring Stephen Graham, Elizabeth Sheu, and Robert Morgan, this is a war film. The film is based on a novel called The Good Shepherd, written by CS Forester in 1955. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, its release had to be canceled, but on July 10, 2020, the film was screened successfully. After its release, it was appreciated even by critics. This is not a true story but is inspired by historical events. It represents events that took place in World War 2. Greyhound is about important battles, and proves to be a successful film. People love it, and they are looking forward to it.

Greyhound storyline

This is a thrilling story that draws inspiration from the true events of the Battle of the Atlantic. Captain Krause was assigned to lead the convoy of ships. These ships must reach the other side of the ocean. It is a heavy responsibility for him because the dangerous waters of the Black Pit are quite dangerous. The Black Hole is the middle Atlantic fissure. The convoy entered the area, and then their struggle began. Under Captain Krause, there were 37 ships in total. He leads the way with USS Keeling, a Greyhound calling sign. He felt the responsibility of the rest of the ship because they were under his command. Besides, he felt that he might be left somewhere in some cases. He thought that his inexperience in war could endanger the lives of other ship traders.

No air cover protection is available to them for 5 days. The captain must save everyone and reach the other side of the sea. But its job is not just to ensure their safety. His responsibilities also include maintaining and managing everything successfully, given the enemy Nazi boats that surrounded them. The captain experienced all of these events for the first time as this was his first mission. This film is about how the captain manages his crew members and fights against all the obstacles that come his way. When victory was won by all the crew members and Captain Krause, they finally went to rest.

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The end of the Greyhound

As time passed, the situation lost control. The captain must get out of the danger caused by the Nazi boat. At the same time, he had to cross the Black Hole, which had no air support. As time went on, the situation got worse and worse, which caused more problems. According to the German plan, they were prepared for a final assault on a convoy of ships led by the captain of the ship. Therefore, he had to fight all the attacks coming from all sides.

He also discovered that his ship was also the target of the enemy ship. But in the end, they skillfully saved him. In the last section, they crossed the Black Hole. Air support has also arrived, and now the danger is moving sideways. The news of his success was communicated to high-ranking officials as a reward for receiving confirmation from them to continue in office. Since this is his first war experience on a sea voyage, Captain is told to prepare for it. The crew was relieved of duty. The ships were finally brought in for repair. Everyone was welcomed as heroes. After completing his duties, Captain Krause finally lay down to rest.

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Is that a good ending?

However, the ending may be up to the audience, taking it the way they want it. Whether it’s a happy ending or a bittersweet ending, Greyhound manages to influence its audience to some extent. It is true that aspects of The Good Shepherd’s novel have been omitted to some extent. Considering a quote from the book, you can decide how to accept the ending. On the other hand, you might think of it as a happy ending because all the members survived and returned safely.

Greyhound is an adventure-based film that made its debut on the Apple TV + platform. If you haven’t watched it until now, then go and enjoy this thrilling film full of adventures and amazing experiences.


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