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As the years passed, South Korea presented more and more new Korean dramas in different genres. This year is far from over, and they have released several hit drama series, some of which are still running. Also, their collaboration with Netflix adds to their advantage. Another series that soon found its way was Great Real Estate. The play’s name already provides a hint of what the story might be in the series.

Furthermore, the series will feature Jang Nara as the main character. She is one of the most talented talented actresses in the Kdrama world who can create all kinds of characters. This is also the latest project of the lead actor, Lee Young Hwa after completing his military service. There isn’t much news or spoilers about the drama Great Real Estate. However, we have gathered some information. Now, let’s get into the details of an upcoming drama series.

Amazing Real Estate

Great Real Estate: Release Date

Great Real Estate is an upcoming South Korean supernatural fantasy comedy series. This series is an occult one that is sure to catch the attention of horror and supernatural lovers. However, there is not much news whether this series will become a romantic series or not. Other names for the series are Daebakbudongsan and Daebak Real Estate. Reportedly, the drama series will begin broadcasting from the first half of 2021 and will most likely air from April 14 to June 3, 2021. The drama will consist of thirty-two episodes and will be broadcast on the original KBS2 network. The premiere will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week.

Great Real Estate: Production

There isn’t much to say about the production and development of Great Real Estate. Park Jin Suk, whose previous work includes Naked Fireman and School 2017, will direct the series. The screenwriters for the series are a team of three. They are Ha Soo Jin, Jung Yeon Seo, and Lee Young Hwa. According to sources, filming for the series is already underway. An insider source from the production team said that Great Real Estate was an exorcism drama but it was very unique. This will illustrate competition for real estate along with emerging conflicts and greed. Last year’s frustration and stress will be relieved through the thrilling drama.

Amazing Real Estate

Cast and Preview

As mentioned above, Jang Nara and Lee Young Hwa of CNBLUE will be leading the drama. They will each play the roles of Hong Ji Ah and Oh In Bum. Some of the other cast members include Kang Hong Suk, Heo Dong-won, Kang Mal Geum, Baek Ji Won, Ahn Kil Kang, and Baek Eun Hye. However, the disclosure of the roles of the cast has not yet occurred. There are no details about other players who joined this series. The months ahead can reveal whether any new members have joined the series or not.

Lee Young Hwa and Jang Nara also gave their interviews to Korean online news outlets regarding their appearance in the new drama. They are very positive about the drama and discuss togetherness for a new upcoming series to come. People also have high expectations of them because Jang Nara is already known for her outstanding acting skills while Young Hwa appeared after three years. This is also the first collaboration between Jang Nara and Young Jwa.

The Great Real Estate depicts the story of a real estate agent who has the capacity for evil aura and exorcisms. Residents usually abandon multiple real estate properties for the same reason. Thus, the agent performs an exorcism on the property left by the people. Hong Ji Ah is not only an exorcist but also the owner of Daebak Real Estate. She is described as smart and beautiful but also emotional at the same time. On the other hand, Oh In Bum is an infidel and knows no exorcism. However, he pretends to do an exorcism to get money. Before long, the two leads form a partnership with each other to discover the secret that led to the death of her mother twenty years ago.

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