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Good Trouble has been going on for a while now and everyone’s just judging for the plot as well as the characters. This show actually functions as a spin-off of an earlier series called The Fosters which we usually admit to on Freeform. The first time we saw Good Trouble was in January 2019 when it started with thirteen episodes which is the first installment.

Also, the Good Trouble timeline has been set for the next few years where we watch two of Foster’s sisters move to Los Angeles and start a new life after finishing college. Up until now, we had two seasons of the show and fans obviously couldn’t get enough and demand more. As such, the creators had to update the show for a third season which comes out in February 2021. Good trouble has been created by Joanna Johnson and Bradley Bredeweg along with Peter Paige.

As for the plot of the series, we have two Foster sisters as we discussed earlier. They are Callie Foster and Mariana Foster. Set after several years of the parenting show, we see two siblings move to Los Angeles to start their respective careers as they begin a new phase in their lives. So, while they were here, the two of them moved into a communal apartment building known as The Coterie to the locals who lived in the city. As we can see, Callie went on to become a legal clerk as she began her work under Judge Wilson. On the other hand, Mariana chose a completely different line of work in IT and became a software engineer. Now that they are far from home and completely independent, the two begin to interact with those around them and overcome the obstacles their adult life has to offer.

Good Trouble season 3 episode 6 Release Date and Spoilers

Good Trouble Season 3 Cast Member

This show is very popular with the audience and this is mainly due to the fact that it has a simple but interesting plot. Another major factor contributing to Good Trouble’s popularity is the ensemble cast that the creators have hired. The list includes Maia Mitchell who plays the character Callie Adams Fosters. He recently graduated from UCSD Law School. Then there is Cierra Ramirez who plays Mariana Adams Foster. He is an engineer in the software sector and recently earned his graduation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Then there’s Zuri Adele reprising the role of Malika Williams. He is a bartender by profession and lives with Callie and Mariana. Sometimes on the show, we also see him doing work as a political activist. Then Sherry Cola played the character Alice Kwan. He is the manager of The Coterie apartment building and collects rent each month. Tommy Martinez performs the role of Gael Martinez. She is a graphic designer and artist who also works in the same field as Callie and falls in love with her.

Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date and Spoilers

For now, we are all waiting for the next episode of the show. Good Trouble season 3 episode 6. Episodes will be released on March 24, 2021. In this episode, we will see Callie learn something about Kathleen that surprises her. Mariana also struggled to keep her relationship with Evan quiet. On the other hand, Malika learns even more about her mother.

Recently on the show, we’ve seen that Callie begins to question the method Kathleen is taking to go further in the Jerod case because she thinks it’s wrong. In addition, Mariana and the girls tried to come up with new ideas for the application. During this time, Malika was uneasy about the shocking fact that Dyonte had been trying to hide for a while.

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