Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4 Release Date and Preview- Info

Good Girls is a story about three women who are fed up now having control over their lives. So they join together, to try and use cunning methods to make sense of them. Good Girls start to get interesting when we watch Phoebe’s chase of girls. But unfortunately, Dean was found guilty. And now, the girls must work together to help free Dean from the grip of the law. In the following episode, we will see how far these girls can save this innocent man.

Recap of Good Girls Season 4 Episode 3

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 3 titled “Fall Guy” starts off with some new flashbacks of Beth and Dean in high school. We are treated to a glimpse of the beginnings of their relationship. They were supposed to go to a party together when Beth needed to take care of her mother in the hospital. But, the Young Dean joined her too, as her charm became the distraction and support system Beth needed so badly. This became the basis of their relationship as Beth went through her mother’s illness.

Spoilers and Preview: Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4

Beth and Rio – credit NBC

Dean, the Innocent Convict

In the past, Dean was wrongly convicted and jailed. So, Beth promised Dean that she would get him out no matter what. We can see that Phoebe is starting to take over as she tries to persuade Dave to give him more time with Dean. But his efforts were in vain, because after being interrogated Dean did not move from his stance.

To save her, Beth sought a loan from Rio. Rio agrees to give him the money if he manages to sink the billiard ball. He accepted the offer where things got a little heated but nevertheless, he managed to earn some money. Elsewhere, the other girls find a guy Eric, who is willing to accept the fall instead of Dean. But Fall Guty’s plan failed. With no choice left, Beth leaves to come clean to Phoebe. But, unfortunately Dean made the final sacrifice for his wife by pleading guilty to the FBI charges. But there may be a twist to the story as Phoebe reads the letter Beth wrote Dean. There, he explained the business requirements at the shop.

Ruby and Stan try to pay their other bills using stolen money, but they run into another hurdle. Stan’s boss knows what he’s been up to. Meanwhile, Eric goes to the bank to get arrested, not Dean. But the police only took cash without arresting or arresting him.

Spoilers and Preview: Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4

Ruby and Stan – credit NBC

When is Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4 Released?

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4 entitled “Dave” is set to be released on March 28, 2021. The Good Girls episode will air at 10 p.m. ET / 9 p.m. CT. Good Girls follows a one-episode episode release pattern every Sunday. Make sure to change the above times to your local time zone to watch the episodes as they air.

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Where to Watch Good Girls?

You can watch episodes of Good Girls when they air at designated times on NBC, or you can even stream them on NBC website or application. Good Girls is even available to stream Upstream, FuboTV, DirecTV and Sling TV. One can even catch up with the previous season Netflix, YouTube TV and Amazon Prime video.

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4 Preview

Spoilers and Preview: Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4

Annie – credit NBC

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4 titled “Dave” will follow up with Phoebe as she gets closer to the entire trio’s operations. Meanwhile, it allows the Secret Service to strike a deal with Beth. Beth wants to free her husband and it will be interesting to see how deep she sinks for it. Stan, is now in as much trouble as Ruby was ordered by his boss to do a dangerous task. Stan decides not to tell Ruby about this, while he imagines a new life after he says goodbye to this underhanded method. Now that Ben has begun to organize his life, Annie is starting to grapple with the idea that she no longer needs him. It will be interesting to see what Hitman’s next move looks like.

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