Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Release Date, Preview, and Details

From the big clients who approach Dean and Stan and Ruby’s guilt. Things heated up pretty much for the second episode of Good Girls Season 4. Created by Jenna Bans, the show originally debuted in 2018 on NBC. So far, the crime comedy drama has completed three successful seasons. Plus, it’s growing rapidly with the fourth season underway which aired last week. The start of the fourth season saw a number of dramatic events. Beth started her own hot tub business, and Ruby and Stan tested their son for ADHD. So, here we take a look at what happened in the premiere episode of Good Girls Season 4. Also, what to expect from the second episode of the NBC comedy drama.

Good Girls tells the story of three Michigan mothers, two of whom are sisters. They are tired of trying to do everything right, still not getting good results. Their every attempt at success was clearly stolen in one way or another. So they planned a theft at the supermarket just to get in more trouble. So, let’s see what happened before in Good Girls Season 4.

Recap: Good Girls Season 4 Episode 1

Good Girls Season 4 last premieres with the episode “One Night in Bangkok.” The episode opens with a meeting between Ruby, Stan, and their son’s teacher at school. The teacher reveals that their son may have ADHD. On the other hand, Rio is worried about the money he will give to Beth who wants to open her own business. Even though he still hasn’t started working on it. While his antics worried Rio, Beth promised him she would start a business soon.

Spoilers And Recap: Good Girls Season 4, Episode 2

Still From Good Girls Season 4

Anxiety hit Beth, all of whom were filled with worries about business. As a result he was taken to the hospital for further treatment. The girls come to find out about Beth’s condition. While Beth was still recovering, she confessed the reasons behind her anxiety attacks. He tells them all about Rio and their frustrating conversation about the money he took from him.

Beth Seeks Way For Her Business

While things were starting to conclude, Beth decided to bring the conversation over to Dean. She told him about his business and why he had to get started as soon as possible. While she summarizes her need for group practice, she doesn’t realize that the instructor, in fact, is an undercover agent watching her. Dean took notes, and on the other hand, Dean opened Boland’s Bubbles with a friend. However, it was only a matter of time before a dispute with the county sheriff wanted the shop to close.

Spoilers And Recap: Good Girls Season 4, Episode 2

Still From Good Girls Season 4

Ruby and Stan worry about their son while Beth chats with the crowd about selling hot tubs while practice is watched over by undercover agents. After all else works, Beth and Dean head to an inspector and ask him to pass a grade on their examination in exchange for cash. Beth goes to tell Rio the good news, only to realize that Rio has been summoned due to suspicion surrounding Lucy’s death. On the other hand, Ruby and Stan finally decided to test their son for ADHD after they watched some of his sketches.

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Beth Finally Takes Leverage On Her Side

The three of them are looking for a way to solve the mess. Beth decides to write a letter to Dean and tell him where to hide money and run the business in his absence. Just in case something happened to him. She hides written messages behind family photos. Beth then returned to Rio her share and a wet copy of the cash print. While Rio was touching the sheet, he immediately noticed Beth took his fingerprints with him. So, this time Beth took over her dominance.

Spoilers And Recap: Good Girls Season 4, Episode 2

Still From Good Girls Season 4

Mr. Fitzpatrick finally came to see Beth. He was asked about the date of the next murder. Fitzpatrick told him he was busy with another client. Plus, he was also busy thinking about Beth and taking her out for dinner. The episode ends with Phoebe telling her boss about the hot tub experience. Even though he was afraid, he might be eliminated but in the end, the boss decided to increase the surveillance there.

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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Release Date

Good Girls Season 4, Episode 2 is being aired NBC on March 14, 2021, 10 / 9c. New episodes arrive every Sunday. The episodes will also be available for streaming the following day NBC’s official website or app. Viewers can also choose services such as Fubo TV, Sling TV, and DirecTV. You can also order the series on Video on Deman services such as Amazon Prime. The first three seasons are currently available for streaming Netflix.

The second episode of Good Girls Season 4 is titled, “‘Big Kahuna”. The episode’s official synopsis states that a big client will approach Dean. While Dean was excited about a new client willing to sell merch on Boland’s Bubbles, it didn’t get along with Beth. On the other hand, Stan and Ruby feel very guilty for everything that happened in the first episode. Plus, Annie has to prove that she can succeed with Rich’s parents at Ben’s school. Check out the Good Girls Season 4, Episode 2 promo from NBC below.


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