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Godzilla Singular Point is an original Netfix series that will be broadcasting soon. This series follows the story of Mei Kamino. Mei Kamino is a talented genius female researcher who works closely with male engineer Yun Arikawa. Both of them challenged Godzilla’s threat with his allies. In 2030 in Tobi City, Chiba Prefecture, Yun researches an abandoned European-style house.

Mei Kamino graduated and learns about fantasy creatures while investigating a mysterious signal received from Misakioku. During their investigation, they hear a mysterious song that unites them. The song leads them into battles that affect the world. The monsters began to appear all over the world, and Godzilla began to threaten mankind, but two heroes were there to save humanity. Mei and Yun are on their way to prevent the world from being destroyed.

Godzilla Single Point Summary

In the past, flashes of lightning attacked the Japanese fishing boat Eiko Maru. The ship sank near Odo Island, but a rescue ship, known as Bingo-Maru, was sent to investigate. Bingo Maru was also hit by a flash of lighting. Later another ship was sent, and they found several survivors. Civilians and investigators found nothing about the incident.

The oldies from the island reveal that Godzilla was the cause of the incident. One legend reveals that Godzilla was a kaiju who lived in the sea. Godzilla came to the sea to feed mankind. Civilians who believed in Godzilla sacrificed young girls if they couldn’t get fish in the sea. They did that to stop Godzilla from destroying the village. The island of Odo is visited by researchers, and they discover the truth about Godzilla.

Godzilla Single Point

Godzilla Single Point

Giant Footprints

The civilians held on to the idea of ​​sacrificing yound girls in the hope that Godzilla would not attack again. But the village was hit by a storm in the middle of the night. Shinkichi Yamada’s family died during a storm attack, and Shinkichi said a large monster killed them. The next morning, the witness heads to the National Diet Building in Tokyo. Paleontologist Dr. Yamane suggested that the investigative party go to Odo Island. They sent a ship there, and it arrived safely.

Yamane finds giant footprints, and an alarm in the village goes off. The villagers rushed towards the hills, and Godzilla heard him emerge from the top of the hill and roar. The villagers noticed that they were facing a huge monster and decided to run away. Godzilla headed out to sea while Yamane continued his research. Yamane discovered that Godzilla was a prehistoric hybrid of marine and terrestrial reptiles. He presented his research to others, and they advised the public to know about it.

Later Godzilla’s origins were revealed to civilians. An anti-Godzilla went to fight Godzilla. They tried to kill the monster. As Yamane sits alone in her house, she realizes that she doesn’t want Godzilla to be killed. Since he was a zoologist, he wanted to study Godzilla and find a better solution. At night, Godzilla suddenly appeared in Tokyo Bay in front of the party ship. But it goes down to sea, and in the morning, Yamane is interrogated by officers about how to kill Godzilla.

Oxygen Crusher

Godzilla Single Point

Godzilla Single Point

Yamane tells them that it is impossible to kill Godzilla because he survived the radiation in large quantities. He told them that Godzilla had to study and find out what kept Godzilla alive. Yamane’s daughter, Emiko Yamane, is engaged to Dr. Daisuke Serizawa. But Emiko fell in love with Lieutenant Hideo Ogata. Emiko visits Serizawa; she wanted him to fall in love with Ogata. She also wanted to reveal that she broke up with him. Serizawa reveals his dark secret to Emiko.

He accidentally created a device called an Oxygen Destroyer. Oxygen Destroyer can destroy everything in the sea, and it is more powerful than any nuclear weapon. Serizawa shows her how the Oxygen Breaker works, and Emiko is shocked. She decided not to tell him about Ogata and the engagement. Then Godzilla attacked and destroyed the entire city, and most of the civilians were injured. Emiko noticed that, and she told Ogata about the Oxygen Breaker. The two of them visit Serizawa and ask him to use his Oxygen Crusher to eliminate Godzilla.

Serizawa refuses, but he agrees and reveals how politicians will demand to know about Oxygen Shredder. They might use Oxygen Crusher to start a war. The three of them set off the next day and planted Oxygen Shredder in Tokyo Bay. They find their Godzilla rest ad destroyed it. The two of them saw him explode, and Serizawa also sacrificed himself to die with the knowledge of Oxygen Destroyer. But Yamane realized that it was not the last Godzilla species, and that he would appear again somewhere.

Godzilla Singular Point Episode 1 Release Date

The new Godzilla Singular Point Episode 1 will be released on Thursday, March 25, 2021, at 10:30 JST. Godzilla Singular Point is officially available to watch and stream online Netflix.

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