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We all love our main character George Clooney, so a film where we see Clooney direct and act will be epic. Midnight Sky is a film directed by the star, he also plays the main protagonist. The Midnight Sky is a science fiction film based on the book Good Morning by Lily-Brooks Dalton. The film has a limited theatrical release considering the pandemic on December 11, 2020. After that, it was released on Netflix.

The film received mixed reviews from all over, most of them leaning in a positive direction. The National Board Of Review recognizes it as one of the ten best films of 2020.

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The film was announced back in 2019. Another fact about the film is that Felicity Jones became pregnant after she was cast in the film. But instead of using a double body, Clooney decided to rewrite the full character from the ground up.

The shootings took place in various countries, from England to Iceland. Some of the sights were even shot in wind speeds of up to 50 km / hr. George Clooney lost nearly 25 pounds for his role. This film was shot with a superb camera for the purpose of showing in the IMAX theaters. But a pandemic thwarted all of that.

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Augustine Lofthouse, played by George Clooney, has spent most of his life working to find another planet of habits for mankind. his work has been accepted worldwide and is believed to carve a path for the future.

When we say he’s spent most of his life, we mean it. He neglected every other aspect of his life including his wife. He met his wife Jean Sullivan at a gala where he gave a presentation. he spoke of a K-23 mon which had shown great potential to sustain human life.

Jean was impressed by what he was talking about, approaching him after his presentation. The two finally talk and start a romantic relationship. But we see that in the next few years, that relationship is not going well because of his immense obsession with work. Jean ended up leaving her without telling her the fact that she was pregnant.

He then met her and then she finally told him that she was pregnant and now they have a daughter. she chose not to meet him and the two separated.

It’s 2049 and humanity is almost wiped out of the face of the world. The Arctic base is being evacuated and we find old Lofthous there, he refuses to go with them because he is suffering from some kind of disease and it is certain he will die soon.

Numerous space missions were carried out over the years to find ordinary planets, now alone at the Lofthouse base looking for an active space crew currently on the mission. He wanted to discover the possibility of such crew transport still active and wanted to warn them about the situation on Earth. He found only one, Aether.

Aether’s target was K-23, Jupiter’s exact customary moon the Lofthouse found. Seeing them as the only one active, he tried his best to relate to them but to no avail. He concluded that this was because the satellite was too weak, he needed something stronger.

One night the kitchen fire started to burn and Lofthouse tried his best to put it out. after successfully extinguishing the fire he found a girl there who was forgotten during the evacuation. he tries to contact whoever is left but no one seems to be answering. there is no choice but to care for the child.

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The kid didn’t seem to speak whatever Lofthouse did. But she communicates with him through drawing, she draws an Iris flower which shows him her name is Iris. With him, he made plans to move to a base in the north, a weather station that had a much more powerful antenna that could easily contact the Aether.

On his way to another base, he loses the equipment that has kept him alive for so long. Now he was aware of the fact that he didn’t have long to live, but he insisted on communicating with the Aether as they seemed to be the last hope humanity had.

somehow he managed to reach the base and was able to communicate with the ship. but most of their first transmissions were cut off due to some issues facing the ship. On board the ship, they go on a space trip to fix the problem, but one of the crew members ends up being killed in an accident.

they fix the problem and Lofthouse tells them what has happened. He tells them that there is no hope left for Earth and the best move for them is to return to K-23 and start a new life there, this seems the only way mankind can survive.

The 2 crew agreed and the rest of the members decided to return to Earth regardless of the consequences. They have some personal issues that need to be addressed.

The film ends with a twist where it is revealed that one of the crew members Iris, who had been talking to Lofthouse all this time, is her daughter. but Lofthouse had known this all along and was happy to finally meet him. Then it was clear that the little girl was just a hallucination Iris had created by her mind.

Iris is one of the 2 to return to K-23. Lofthouse is happy that he can meet his daughter and that he will carry on with his life’s work and will save humanity. His final moments are shown and the credits roll.

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This film honestly didn’t do wonders when it hit the theaters. Keep in mind that this is only a limited release, this is completely a Netflix movie. But given the theatrical response, it was 17th in the Netherlands at its opening weekend and 4th in South Korea.


Speaking more of the review responses, the film didn’t do well nor was it bad. It’s a refreshing and fun story, especially with the very few new films released recently. Being able to watch a really good movie is a very enjoyable experience.

But people still don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have much of a gripping storyline. In science fiction films, storyline takes priority. If it was a romantic comedy or an action thriller, we wouldn’t really care much about the story.

But for science fiction, we need a gripping and addicting storyline. The Midnight Sky falls short in that aspect when compared to other similar films of the genre.

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Almost all reviews have one thing in common, they talk about how the film is imperfect but well worth watching. That’s all we need to know, it’s not a bad film. Visually, the shows are all amazing. With times like these where we scavenge for movies and TV shows to keep us sane, The Midnight Sky is the perfect watch.

This film features some amazing visuals like the ones we mentioned. From space sequences to scenes set in K-23, everything is done extremely well. George Clooney also put in an incredible performance which you have to experience.


This film features an extraordinary cast.

  • George Clooney leads as director and as the main character Midnight Sky. He played Augustine Lofthouse.
  • Ethan Peck played the younger version of Augustine.
  • David Oyelowo plays the role of Commander Adewole.
  • Iris “Sully” Sullivan is played by fan favorite Felicity Jones.

George Clooney

Let’s learn more about the main character behind The Midnight Sky.

Geroge Timothy Clooney is one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, directors, screenwriters and philanthropists. He has won 2 Academy Awards and several Golden Globes for his work in the industry.

His escape role can be considered the character of Dr. Doug Ross from ER. The character became very popular, the show was also one of the biggest of that period. Clooney started getting many roles in films when people started to notice his character in the ER.

His big break into Hollywood films was in From Dusk Till Dawn which was released in 1996. Clooney officially established his position in Hollywood by casting him in Oceans 11, the comedy robbery film.

The Oceans film started a trilogy and became a cult classic in no time. At the time, this film was one of the few films that had many top actors. Everyone fell in love with the film and it went down in history as one of the best trilogies.

After that, Clooney made his Director Debut with the biographical spy comedy Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. After that, he went on to direct a series of films. Some of them are Good Night, And Good Luck, Leatherhead, The Ideas Of March, and many more.

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