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The name Anya Taylor-Joy has recently become a hot topic. The 24 year old actress has been widely praised for her role in Netflix’s latest hit series, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, there is a lot of anticipation for a second season. Playing as a female chess player named Beth Harmon, Anya’s acting in the series is very impressive. He succeeded in presenting an introverted woman who was obsessed with chess. While playing, Beth felt all her senses were more sensitive, and she had the ability to control herself.

Before playing in this series, Anya Taylor-Joy has starred in other films that are no less cool, such as ‘Split’, ‘The Witch’, ‘Emma’, to ‘The New Mutants’. From his skill in playing the role, he got the nickname The Rising Star. His name began to enter into various film award categories such as the Cannes Film Festival and the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA).

For those of you who are curious about Anya’s life and career, here we summarize seven interesting facts about her. Is that? See below.

1. Born in Miami but moved to Argentina and London

Anya Taylor Joy in ‘Split’

This woman whose full name is Josephine Marie Taylor-Joy is a Miami-born woman who later moved to Argentina. After turning six years old, Anya and her family moved again to London because at that time the political atmosphere in Argentina was heating up, and Anya’s parents did not want her child to grow up in a conflict area.

“My parents don’t want their child to live in a scary environment. At that time we were very confused, but now we are grateful that the decision to move gave us many opportunities in life, ”he concluded, as quoted by Marie Claire.

3. Don’t want to learn English

Anya Taylor Joy in ‘Emma’

While in London, Anya refused to study English for two years. According to him, if he doesn’t speak the language, then Anya can return to Argentina.

“I moved to London when I was six years old, and I only learned English when I was eight because I felt sure if I couldn’t speak the language I would return to Argentina,” he said in an interview for the program. Lives with Kelly and Ryan. But in the end, Anya was forced to study because she didn’t have friends who could understand her words.

3. Even thought he would be kidnapped when recruited by an agent

When she was 17 years old, Anya had a unique experience when she was being chased by a modeling agency in London. At that time, she felt that she was being followed by a stranger and thought she was going to be kidnapped.

“My family and I often watch crime-themed films. And at that time I was very scared because a car was following me. Suddenly I turned onto an unfamiliar road and realized that cars were still following. After that, I ran fast, and a woman from the car asked me to stop and give her her card, “she said.

The modeling agency team is Sarah Doukas, who then asks Anya to come to their office with her parents and do a casting.

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4. Quit school because of being bullied and want to be an actress

Anya Taylor Joy as a child

As a teenager, Anya had an unpleasant experience at school. He became a victim of bullying. Even though she never explained why she was being bullied, the experience depressed Anya

“I had a bad experience at school, I was bullied, and it made me depressed. So I had a desire to travel the world, and it turned out that my decision was supported by my parents, “he said.

In order to tell her parents that she wanted to quit school and become an actress, Anya wrote an essay explaining her reasons in detail. He also told his brother to leave the house, pursue dreams and explore the world. Now Anya has two residences, in London and New York. He moved alone to New York at the age of 14 to study broadcasting.

5. Always refuse the role of lover

During her career as an actress, Anya Taylor Joy has always starred in fantasy-themed films and depicts the dark side of life. Initially this was without reason, but it turned out that over time Anya herself chose not to act like an actress in general who often plays characters as lovers or in other words as supporting actors only.

“I am very fortunate to have a team that can screen for such roles. The female characters I play are often complex and interesting. So every time I get a role as a lover, I always reject it, “he explained.
According to Anya, she is very happy with the current era where women are more courageous, and many people are starting to realize that women are also human, and they have many more interesting stories to talk about than just appearances.


6. Dare to talk about discrimination, experience it firsthand

Anya Taylor Joy with glasses

Throughout her career, Anya Taylor Joy said that she almost never experienced sexism or discrimination. Because all the actors who worked with him always treated him as a co-worker, nothing more. Even so, this does not mean that the actor in the film ‘Split’ has never received sexist comments.

“I rarely see sexism because the actors I work with have never treated me differently. But sometimes there are comments about that. So most of the time, I tell them right away they don’t know who I am. That way, men will realize that what they are doing is not right. This method can also help women to be more courageous in fighting and not just sit around when they experience discrimination, ”she concluded.

7. Relationships with photographers

Anya Taylor Joy’s red hair

At the peak of his career, of course, made him curious about Anya Taylor Joy’s personal life, especially about romance. Reporting from various sources, reportedly, Anya is currently in a relationship with a photographer named Ben Seed. Both Anya and her boyfriend decided to keep their relationship a secret from the public. Even so, several times Anya and Ben were caught on camera spending time together.

Those were some interesting facts about Anya Taylor Joy. With his incredible talent on screen, we can’t wait to see him again in his next project.

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