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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before has just appeared with his third film- To All the Boys: Always and Forever. This film brings everyone together instead of focusing on what sets them apart.

For all boys is a series of films based on the book of the same name. These films were released on Netflix and have gained a large fan base. The first film was released in 2018 followed by a sequel in 2020 and a third film in 2021. While everyone was looking forward to the release of the third film in the rom-com series, many were disappointed by the sequel. Let’s take a look at what each film is about and which one I think is better.

To All The Boys I Loved Before (2018)

To All the Boys I Love It previously started with Lara Jean Covey, a shy high school student who writes letters to boys she really likes before locking them up. He wrote a total of five letters to five boys – Kenny Donati, John Ambrose, Lucas James, Peter Kavinsky, and Josh Sanderson. The last letter was written to Josh Sanderson who is the girlfriend of his older sister Margot. Even though Margot broke up with Josh before leaving for college, Lara Jean felt it was inappropriate to date him.

One night Lara Jean fell asleep on the sofa while hanging out with her younger sister Kitty. Her sister sneaked into her room and found her mailbox. He sent it and Lara Jean didn’t notice. The next day she is confronted by her longtime lover Peter Kavinsky about receiving a letter. He passed out after hearing this. When she regained consciousness, she saw that Josh approached her with a letter written for her. She was nervous and jumped on Peter Kavinsky and kissed him. She did this to drive Josh away before running away. He is then confronted by Lucas, one of the recipients of his letter, that he is gay. It was then that Lara Jean realized that all the letters had been sent.

She leaves her home to avoid Peter and Josh but finds the first one at her favorite restaurant. She tells him the kiss is meaningless and only to deter Josh. She surprisingly has no problem with it and comes up with a plan for a fake date to make her ex-boyfriend Gen jealous who is also Lara Jean’s former best friend and foe. She agreed and the next few months went by everyone at school and their families thinking that they were dating.

When Peter finds out that Gen is jealous, he is confused and Lara Jean becomes jealous in the meantime. Peter and Lara confess their true feelings for each other and kiss in a hot tub. Gen tells Lara Jean at the end of the trip that Peter spent the night in his room after the kiss and also shows him the scrunchie Peter gave him. That scrunchie belongs to Lara Jean and is one of her favorites. She breaks up with Peter and storms home where she finds her sister Margot. Peter came to his house to get things done and at the same time, Josh was doing it too. That’s when Margot overhears their conversation and is annoyed that Lara Jean has feelings for Josh. Lara asks Peter to leave but things get worse when she sees a seemingly pornographic video of herself and Peter on Instagram.

She asks Margot for help, that’s when the cat confesses that she sent the letters. Margot calms Lara Jean down and says that sisters forgive each other for everything before she helps him delete the video on Instagram. At school Lara Jean found that everyone had watched the video. Peter tells everyone that nothing happened and Lara Jean confesses to Gen about it. She admits trying to sabotage their relationship because she felt betrayed when Lara kissed Peter while spinning a bottle four years ago. She improved her friendship with Josh. She is hesitant to tell Peter about her feelings when Kitty shows him the notes Peter wrote during their fake relationship. Lara Jean went to see Peter where he told her he loved him and they kissed before they left.

The film ends with John Ambrose, one of the five recipients of the letter who stands outside the door with a flower in his hand.

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To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You (2020)

High school Lara Jean created a volunteer program, Peter Kavinsky volunteered with her friends, but Lara Jean instead went to Belleview Retirement Home, where her older sister Margot attended school.

He discovered that John Ambrose also volunteered at Belleview. They talk about love letters that she let him read as long as she gives them back to him after reading. Lara Jean feels insecure about her relationship with Peter and continues to compare herself to Peter’s ex-boyfriend, Gen.

On Valentine’s Day, Covey was told by a friend that Peter had sent the group to sing Gen’s song every period, when they were still dating. She met Peter later and she gave him a silver heart necklace and read poetry. She thinks that Peter wrote the poem for her, but it is two verses from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem. He later apologized and said that even though he couldn’t write it, he meant everything in the poem.

Lara Jean and John Ambrose got closer, they threw Star Ball for Belleview. Lara Jean didn’t tell John about her relationship with Peter and John realized that she had developed feelings for him. They arrange to go to their old high school hangout, a tree house, and dig up the time capsule they buried years ago with their friends and open them up. Gen was there too and said he didn’t put anything in the time capsule. Peter is jealous of John Ambrose and tells about his relationship with Lara Jean. Covey and Kavinsky end up arguing, but then put on some makeup.

Lara Jean apologized to John Ambrose for keeping the relationship a secret. He prepares to go to Peter’s match. Chris shows her a photo of Gen and Peter and she realizes that they never stop talking and on a ski trip, Peter plans to get back together with General Peter telling Lara Jean that they should talk about it later because she is in a hurry but she breaks up with him. She goes to the tree house and meets Gen, who explains everything to her and tells her that Peter is crazy about her. He said that he had put a friendship bracelet identical to Lara Jean’s in the capsule. Lara Jean then makes up with Gen.

On the night of the party, Stormy gives Lara Jean a dress and makeup. She and John Ambrose danced. As they kiss, Lara Jean realizes that she has no feelings for John. She apologizes to him and rushes outside where she finds Peter waiting for her as she remembers she doesn’t like driving in snow, this is something she told her on their first date. Peter said that he could break his heart if he wanted to. She says that she loves him and she tells him that he loves her back. They kissed and put on makeup and Lara Jean was now satisfied with what she had.

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To All The Boys: Always and Forever (2021)

Lara Jean Covey accompanied by family visiting Korea. They look for the key that her mother left on the bridge in memory of her love for Dan. Upon finding it, they found that it read “for the rest of my life.” Upon returning home, he mentioned to his girlfriend, Peter Kavinsky, that the two of them had never met-cute like the rom-coms. Peter disagrees because he remembers their first meeting quite well. Dan’s relationship with Trina became more serious and the family started planning their upcoming wedding. Lara Jean is not accepted at Stanford where she plans to go out with Peter.

She decided to go to Berkeley to live closer to Peter. However, Lara Jean enjoys New York City during a school picnic and decides to go to NYU. She explains her decision to Peter, and she decides to break up with him on prom night to save herself from the heartbreak that a long distance relationship will cause. Peter meets his father who is not present for food and chooses to try to reconnect with him and forgive him. Kitty conspires with Peter to arrange a meeting between her and Lara Jean after the wedding. Lara Jean finds a letter in her yearbook from Peter. He described their meet-cute in sixth grade. He also comes across a proposed contract like the one they made while in a fake relationship, but this time to always love each other despite the 3,000 miles distance between Stanford and NYU. Peter comes in and they sign a contract. Lara Jean remains optimistic that the distance will give them the opportunity to keep writing love letters to each other because it all started anyway.

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Which film is better?

In my opinion, the first film – To All The Boys I Loved Before is a better film because it has an element of surprise. The narrative is compelling enough to keep viewers hooked on their screen. This is the perfect rom-com. There are also some scrunchie base dramas that seem ridiculous but are important for causing conflict. The first film also provides a reference to the aniconic film – sixteen waxes. Peter and Lara had more chemistry in this film than any other and also ended up on an adorable note.

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