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Apple TV + ‘s science fiction drama, For All Mankind, is almost entering its second season. Created and written by Ronald D. Moore, the first season premiered on November 1, 2019. The series further depicts a completely different storyline about humanity and if the “global space race” will never end. “For All Mankind” featured Joel Kinnaman taking the lead. He’s joined by the impressive cast of Michael Dorman, Wrenn Schmidt, Shantel VanSanten, Sarah Jones, Jodi Balfour, Michael Harney, and Colm Feore. Apple TV Plus Original also showcased several historical figures such as Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, and President Nixon in alternative history. The first season was praised for its impressive visuals and recreating an alternative history that sets the show apart from the rest.

For All Mankind follows the story of the global space race between the Soviet Union and the United States. It exhibits historical sets in different universes. In history where the Soviet Union preceded the United States to step on the moon and a global space race that may never end. The second season of For All Mankind will be available to stream on Apple TV + starting February 19, 2021. So, let’s take a look back at everything that happened in season one. Also, check out Season 1’s mysterious ending with a post-credit scene.

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Everything Happens On “For All Mankind Season 1”

So last season at For All Mankind we saw the beginning of the race towards space between two superpowers. NASA United States began working on their project to travel to the moon. At the same time, the USSR began working on one of their own. In the end, the USSR Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov became the first person to walk on the moon in June 1969.

The incident rocked NASA. They started working piece by piece and were more efficient at their own mission. Astronaut Edward Baldwin was removed from aviation duty after he publicly criticized his anger at NASA’s failure to be the first. Especially not to land on the moon during the Apollo 10 mission. While the saga continued, Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. However, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin managed to establish contact. Plans to set up a lunar base are underway. Also with some political hurdles here and there.

Preview and Recap: For All The Mankind Season 2

The joy didn’t last long when the Soviets triumphed over NASA once again. The USSR sent their first female astronaut to the moon. NASA decided to take the same steps and started training female astronauts altogether. Molly Cobb, Patty Doyle, Danielle Poole, Tracy Stevens, and Ellen Waverly were selected for the mission. The selection process went through a busy elimination round, NASA continued on with adrenaline as they discovered water on the lunar surface. They decided to build a lunar base around it for further research. Patty Doyle on the other hand died after her LEM module broke.

On the political front, Ted Kennedy declared himself for the Presidential Candidacy with the end of the Vietnam War. In outer space, ice is found on the lunar surface. NASA went on another mission with Apollo 15 to find out the source. Baldwin, Molly Cobb, and Frank Sedgewick all get ready and land at Shackleton Crater. Plans to establish a new moon base began.

The base of the new moon was named Jamestown. Danielle Poole and Gordo Stevens occupied Jamestown and entered service on October 12, 1973. In the midst of Amendments to the Equal Rights Act, NASA began work on Apollo 23. They hoped to bring all astronauts back via Jamestown. The Saturn V launch vehicle is ready. Unfortunately, it exploded with the deaths of most of the crew members. On the other hand, the USSR had their own lunar base. They call it Zvezda. After experiencing a disturbance, Gordo Stevens and Danielle returned to Earth.

Ed on the other hand watched the Soviet Union base. He believes that they supervise his work. Deke Slayton, Harrison, and Elle leave with Apollo 24 to save Ed. The team faced a technical fault so big that it had to ask for backup. On the other hand, Apollo 25 received the message, and Molly, Dennis, and Tracy went to repair Apollo 24. The ignition that came out of Apollo 24 killed Harrison but still, the rescue mission was successful. In the end, Deke Slayton had to die for the success of his mission.

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Ending Of For All Mankind Season 1 – Explained

The end of the first season or the post-credits scene has caused many fans to interfere with their relationship with the ongoing second season. This is what happened. First, we passed the time leap to 1983. We watched Ed and Karen witness the debut of a new spacecraft by NASA. The spaceship makes its first appearance in the second episode of Season 1. We see Wernher von Braun modeling the mysterious spaceship.

So, breaking it down, the spaceship is actually some kind of weapon. Rockets do carry plutonium. The origins of this new weapon come from a spacecraft called the Sea Dragon which NASA designed but never intended to use. Anyway moving to the scene we can see hints of the Space Race being equipped with Militarization. So if we take a look at the season 2 trailer, it’s kind of like putting down the seeds for war now. Indeed, the space race is no longer just a race. We might see the United States and the Soviet Union testing weapons on the lunar surface and more for the second season of For All Mankind,

A Look At “For All Mankind” Season 2

Preview and Recap: For All The Mankind Season 2

A second season for All Mankind was already available on Apple TV +. The official synopsis states that Jamestown managed to expand its base with a number of astronauts and equipment. The United States now has a space station called Skylab. It rotates in orbit above the earth. Moon exploration technology will be seen with a major improvement. Better than what it showed in the first season. On earth, Tracy Stevens is ready to marry someone else while she hides the facts from her ex-husband Gordo. On the other hand, NASA in the first episode will face a very large solar flare and a fast moving storm that affects Earth and Jamestown.

The official footage released a month ago gives us a deeper look at For All Mankind’s second season. The trailer opens with NASA suspecting that the USSR might introduce a new weapon. We’re seeing new astronaut candidates being introduced. Also, “Pathfinder” will also be introduced. With Sweet Dreams playing behind, we are sure to witness events that might change the world. Will NASA find out about the new weapon? and what other challenges will Jamestown face. All in the second season For All Mankind. Check out the trailer below.

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