First Dates Season 16 Episode 5: Release Date, Preview and Recap

There is no doubt that we have all watched tons of party shows and movies on popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon etc. Even after watching many types of content, human instincts still demand something new? Not? If so, then you will definitely be interested in reading further articles as we are going to cover an event that will suit your taste perfectly during “Valentine’s week.”

The show’s first season 16 episode date is something odd to talk about at this point. Most of us are surprised at how the show’s creators started recording despite the strict COVID-19 protocol and various other travel restrictions.

Not surprisingly, showmakers had to move locations after ending their eight straight years at London’s Paternoster Chophouse, which is close to the Church of St’s Cathedral. Season 16 of the show will now be filmed at The Refinery Spring Field, Manchester, England. The event’s executive producer, Mr. Jon Crisp, also stated that the makers are quite interested in moving restaurants because they have been spending a lot of time in London.

How Did a Change of Location Affect the Show?

The show’s original creators wanted to keep it real; therefore they had to shift locations to ensure that the daters were unfamiliar with the procedure. Moreover, the new location will also present audiences who are less confident and familiar with the show. Contestants must also comply with a new rule where they must introduce themselves to the bartenders themselves.

The shift in location has also highlighted a tiny spot that Channel 4 is trying to move from London, and it has also opened up its new base at “Leeds.” The new location also means that we will have new staff from the region who will add more spice to the show.

What Can We Expect In Episode Five of the Show’s Season 16 First Date?

In the sixteenth season of the franchise, we will see how a bar manager and bricklayer fall deeply in love with two students with different perspectives trying to find a perfect match. We will also see a young man whose job makes him visit different parts of the world but cannot find his love in life.

In the fifth episode of the show, we get to see some new twists and turns where we can see some funny dating visuals coming up with great humor. We can also expect something special from the Valentine’s week show. One thing we are sure about is that the new episode of the show will be different from the previous one.

First Date of Season 16

First Dates Season 16 Cast

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Who Is In First Dates Season 16 Episode 5?

As noted above, this new series means a new cast and crew with some retention from last season. The show is being produced by Ian Osprey, while Jon Crisp is the show’s executive producer. We will also see Danniella as a beautiful 25 year old waitress who loves to work in bars and restaurants. Next up is David, who is a 28 year old waiter, and he likes to describe him as a Silver-service Cruiser. David also enjoys working with a team and wants to make the best of his opportunities. Many fans were impressed with 30 year old Fiona, who was the bartender at the show.

The cast and crew members of the show have worked hard as they have to work with strict COVID-19 protocols with routine testing while filming for the show. The persistence and caliber of the cast finally paid off with compelling performances that were appreciated by audiences and critics alike.

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When is First Dates Season 16 Episode 5 Released?

The fifth episode of the show is scheduled for release on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, on Channel 4 at 11:00 p.m. Fans can also watch the show on the official Channel 4 website or on the Britbox if they have a paid subscription. We’ll have to wait and see how First Dates season 16 episode 5 keeps fans engaged in the show.

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