Final Knight’s Ending Explanation: Another Revenge Storyline

Director Kazuaki Kiriya 2015 Last Knights is appointed as a story that takes cues from the Japanese legends of the forty-seven rōnin. In turn, introduced its Western version. Also trying to give us a little Game Of Thrones vibe. Starring Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman in the lead roles, this film is a recipe for much-desired success. But it’s not that high. After its release, Last Knights as a film was harshly highlighted by critics but is still a great spectacle, especially for die-hard fans of Owen and Freeman’s work. As such, it would then have a limited release on 3 April 2015 before moving to the VOD platform.

The Last Knight tells the story of a fallen warrior who decides to stand up and fight a corrupt minister to avenge his master’s death. Despite having a promising story, the film did not leave the desired impact on the audience. Many have questioned what exactly happened, and here we take a look at the Last Knights Ending.

The Final Knight Plot

The Last Knight tells a story that is set in a vassal kingdom to a large kingdom, following an old king named Bartok assisted by the commander Raiden and his troops. Raiden’s loyalty towards him prompted Bartok to name his heir. Until the evil minister, Geza Mott, arrives, wanting to punish Bartok for not giving the bribe he deserves. Thus leading him to humiliate Bartok by hitting him with a stick in front of everyone. After answering, Bartok’s move was considered treason which eventually led him to the death penalty and the fall of the Bartok kingdom.

Plot For The Last Knight

Still From Last Knights Featuring Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman

The last knight continued on to the next year since the fall of Bartok. All this time, Raiden was planning to take complete revenge for the death of his master. Form illusions, plans, blueprints, and connections to trick Geza Mott and erase him for good. Will they succeed remains to be seen in the movies.

Last Knight Explained

Basically coming full circle, Last Knights is a one-line revenge storyline we’ve watched over the years. There is nothing of this end other than wanting revenge. Even the film’s plot clearly hints at that, and the film sees it being a flawless execution. Thus, leaving the audience with little thought, to be honest. Anyway, move on, here’s the thing.

Starting from the beginning, Geza’s attempts to humiliate Bartock for not paying bribes were what sparked it. This, in turn, leads him to take action only to have more swords against him. Also, Bartock will be sentenced to death. So, all this corrupt mess fueled Raiden too. He carried out a perfect plan to end Geza’s reign by first trying to create the illusion of how he and Bartok’s men had lost hope. Raiden disguised himself as a drunkard while Geza watched him. He acknowledged the threat Raiden could face.

Last Knight Explained

Still From Last Knights Featuring Clive Owen

Once Geza realized Raiden wasn’t a threat. That’s when Raiden put his plan into action. After a year creating blueprints, contacts and connections about Geza’s whereabouts. She joined hands with her father-in-law. The alliance was only to show off as an illusion. All Raiden wanted was his soldiers to sneak into Geza’s place.

The final sequence sees Raiden’s forces facing each other with Geza falling and breaking down slowly until they enter. Finally, Raiden grows closer to Geza but must fight Ito, who has sworn to protect Geza. The fight sees Raiden coming on top and ends up getting in touch with Geza, who tries to defend himself only to fail and die at Raiden’s hands. So, in turn, humbled Bartok’s daughter and made sure the revenge was over.

The council asks to deal with Raiden and Bartok taking over Geza. Even the council was sure that whatever decision they made, the masses were happy after the soldiers avenged Bartok’s death. So before the council could continue, Raiden stepped in to be executed, asking for the other soldiers to be released. We have flashbacks of Raiden apologizing to Naomi and how her leaving became part of Raiden’s plan. The film ends with Raiden bowing his head to be executed.

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