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Undoubtedly, the story of the time lap is complex but interesting to watch. The Upper Boss Level belongs to the same category and is currently the talk of the town. While some find it too complicated and misleading, others do align with the plot. Packed with tons of drama, action and adventure, Boss Level has been gaining a lot of buzz on various social media platforms since its premiere. The film was originally scheduled for release in 2012. However, many shows and films have been queued up. Hence, production is delayed and affects other jobs as well. This may be one of the reasons why the film tasted bland and ended up getting mixed reviews. This article is going to find out everything about the film, its ending and other fun stuff!

Boss Level- Frank Grillo's film loop time again

Boss Level- Frank Grillo’s film loop time again

Directed by Joe Carnahan, Boss Level feels like a throwback. Well, this may be because the film was slated for release almost a decade ago. The filmmaker left the film on an ambiguous note and viewers have since wondered what happened at the end. Well, you don’t have to scratch your head anymore because we are here to save you. What is the destiny’s plan for Roy? After the dawn of this film in theaters, people have been asking this question. And, social media platforms were flooded with comments regarding the controversial ending. Even the director was unsure and played together. Finally, they came to a conclusion and explained the fate of the main actor. Skip to the next section to understand the climax of the time lap film.

Did Frank Save the World?

This packed action film revolves around a former special forces member named Roy Pulver. This man’s fate has been sealed. She wakes up on the same day many times and tries her best to protect herself from bad people. Since they had been stalking him to kill him, Roy had no choice but to run to keep himself alive.

Frank Grillo as Roy Pulver

Frank Grillo as Roy Pulver

From being hit by a helicopter to being dragged by a truck, he’s been through it all. Despite his best efforts, he never managed to get out of the troubles his life offered him and put up a facade. He was killed every time he decided to face those people. One sunny day, he came up with a plan to survive a little longer.

Ever since his ex-wife Jemma had been giving directions by whispering the word “Osiris” over and over in his ear, Roy had come to a conclusion. He discovered that Jemma had been referring to tunnels that could help him travel through time. However, on her way to escape her troublesome life, she faces a dilemma. He was asked to kill his wife Jemma to prevent Ventor from taking control of the world.

Tunnel Secret

Jemma created a Spindle Tunnel for Ventor so he could change his future and manipulate the world as he saw fit. Over time, Roy finds out that he is trapped there because of his wife. She wants him to save the planet and everyone else by not letting the tunnels fall into Ventor’s hands. On top of that, she wanted him to save the life of their son Joe. Roy is oblivious to this fact and Joe still doesn’t know who his father is.

Does Pulver Last?

Boss Level Cast

Boss Level Cast

As the film approaches its climax, Pulver is shown killing Ventor before he stabs Jemma. Well, Ventor’s death still doesn’t mean the plant is safe. The pulver is still stuck in the lap of time and a slight imbalance in the tunnel can endanger the lives of others. The only way to disappear from the circle is to step into the middle of the tunnel. The next day, Pulver does the same. He hopes that his sacrifice will provide life for his wife and everyone on Earth. He woke up at the same hour again the next day. And, uttering his “last words” which are- “Piece of Cake”.

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