Fighters Will Be Sent! Episode 5: Preview and Recap

Agents Six and Snow are summoned by the General in the morning. Agent Six feels sleepy, and he comments that he’s not on duty today, and he should be here this early. Snow gets Agent Six to act since they’re in front of the General. The general tells them it’s an emergency. He reveals that their unit’s treasure found a few days ago has paved the way to the Demon King’s castle for a hero party. But they had received news that Heine of the Flame was attacking them.

The general also says that the enemy is patient, and he orders Agent Six and his party to tackle the top leader of the enemy, starting with the Elite Four. Snow agrees before Agent Six says anything. He tells her to wait, and he asks her if she’s going to say no. Snow whispers into his ear that this mission is an honor, and if they complete it, they’ll get the promotion and cash bonus they want. The knights comment that they can only entrust such an important mission to a national hero like Agent Six.

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Agent Six asks them to explain his mission and wonders if this was spoken of by the knights who hated him. The general reveals that it was the knight’s idea, and he is a big fan of Agent Six. Agent Six wonders what the knight is up to, and the man looks down, and he smiles. Then, Snow heads to the battle training ground with Agent Six, and they have gathered the royal soldiers. Snow tells them that they cannot fail this mission. Agent Six asks Alice what she thinks about her mission.

Alice asks Agent Six if he suspects that this is his mission; they sent them to be killed. Agent Six replies that the knight doesn’t like him, and he might want to get rid of him. Snow and Rose try to wake Grimm up, in the end he falls. Agent Six tells Alice that he humiliated the knight in front of the higher-ups and makes him bow and apologize. Alice’s comment was not an excuse that the knight hated. He thought that he didn’t want to be around Agent Six.

Alice tells him that she has a plan if the knights have sent them to be killed. Agent Six looks at him motioning for him to tell him his plan. Alice reveals that if Heine appeared, they would pretend to find her and then retreat. He also revealed that he had left his rifle under repair. Snow and Rose managed to return Grim to his seat, and Agent Six looked back.

Fighters Will Be Sent!

Fighters Will Be Sent!

Mechanical Puppet Golem

He wondered what the two of them did to Grim. Agent Six reveals that they won’t be fighting today because they have a plan. Snow becomes angry because he wants to complete his mission. He informs Agent Six that this mission was given to them by the General and the Strategist. Agent Six comments that she doesn’t like the Man Strategist, and she thinks that she has evil plans and cares about his survival. Suddenly Heine of the Fire arrived with a flying Eagle.

His army followed behind him, and a huge stone monster appeared. Agent Six asks what it is. Snow reveals that it is a mechanical puppet called a golem that uses magic to move. Alice comments that magic can do anything, and she wonders why the enemy is splitting. Agent Six reports that he must find Heine of the Fire and ask if his unit will fight Heine. His unit leader told him they would handle this in a matter of time. The two of them attacked without Agent Six’s permission

Agent Six realizes that he has to fight alongside them. Snow releases Iceberg’s Magical Ice Blade which he believes can kill Heine. Agent Six realizes that Heine can be defeated using Grimm’s curse with Grimm sleeping. The battle began, and they managed to bring down the golem, but Heine dominated them. Grimm wakes up and helps them defeat Heine. After defeating Heine, they returned home and celebrated their victory. The Man Strategist realizes that his plan has failed, and he reveals his true colors to Snow.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched Episode 5 Release Date and Preview

Combatants Will Be Dispatched Episode 5 will be released on Sunday, May 2, 2021, at 9 p.m. JST. You can watch Kombatan online, AnimeLab and Funimation.

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