Fear Street Part Three: 1666 Ending Explained (Article ready)


Fear Street Part Three: 1666 is the third installment of the Fear Street series that has been released on Netflix. Directed by Leigh Janiak, the film is based on the book series of the same name by RL Stine. Co-written by Phil Graziadei and Kate Trefry, this film is a sequel to Fear Street: Part One: 1994 and Part Two: 1978. In the previous two films, we saw the curse that had been placed on the city of Shadyside. And in this film, we will return to the root of the problem when we find out who actually started the curse on the city. So here in this article, we are going to explain the ending of Fear Street Part Three: 1666.

Previously, in Fear Street, we were taken to the town of Shadyside where bad events often occur. The townspeople believe that their town has been cursed by a witch named Sarah Fier. But, Deena, a girl who lives in the city with her brother Josh thinks otherwise. The duo begins to investigate the events when Samantha Fraser (Sam) begins to have visions of Sarah Fier as well. At the end of the film, Sam is in a trance and tries to kill Deena. But Deena had a clue, so she went to C. Berman’s house. Through C. Berman, Deena got the idea to join Sarah Fier’s hands to her body to stop the curse. And in the third part, we look at the events that followed.

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What Happened in Fear Street Part Three: 1666?

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 begins with Deena in front of Sarah Fier’s corpse as she proceeds to attach her severed hand back to her body. As Deena did this, her nose started to bleed, whereupon she began to have visions of Sarah Fier’s life in 1666. Sarah used to live with her father and brother Henry in the united towns of Shadyside and Sunnyvale. In this community, there is a Reverend Cyrus Miller, whose daughter is named Hannah. He and Sarah were in love, something which had not been okay at all during that time, especially in that city. Other people in town include Abigail, her sister Constance, Caleb, Mad Thomas, Isaac, Lizzie, Solomon Goode, and Elijah. The Goodes are the ancestors of Nick Goode.

One night, when Sarah, Hannah, and Lizzie go to a party, Sarah finds a black magic book in a lone widow’s tent. As they flee to the party, Sarah and Hannah are approached by Caleb, who the girls reject. Caleb begins to harass the two after being humiliated. The girls escape to privacy and become close when Mad Thomas sees them.

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 Ending Explained

Sarah Fir.

The next day, strange things begin to happen in town when Reverend Miller starts acting strangely. Sarah goes to her friend Solomon to confide in her, asking if she has caused misfortune to the town. Sarah suspects that she has touched the magic book that caused the strange occurrence. Elsewhere, Reverend Miller locks several children in a chapel and kills them. Among all the victims were Henry and Constance. As Sarah and Solomon enter the chapel, Sarah is attacked by the Priest and only killed by Solomon.

Who Initiated the Curse in Shadyside Town?

That very night, the townspeople had gathered to discuss what was causing the trouble in the town. Everyone agreed that this grim event was caused by witchcraft. Caleb starts spreading rumors that Sarah and Hannah caused this magic. He only did this despite being rejected by the two. The girls try to escape when Hannah is arrested. Sarah returns to the chapel where Hannah is confined to confess her love for Hannah. After this, Sarah went to Solomon’s place. Here, the townspeople come to look for Sarah, where Sarah is hiding in her back room. Sarah finds a tunnel under Solomon’s house, which she enters to find strange rituals and books of black magic.

We later revealed that it was actually Solomon who took the Book of Dark Arts. He had used the book to make offerings. He gave Reverend Miller to be possessed so that he could receive power and wealth in return. Solomon tries to convince Sarah to join him. Nevertheless, he refuses the offer and tries to escape from the Tunnel, where Solomon cuts off his hand. Solomon catches him and declares that he has caught the witch. The townspeople gather Sarah and Hannah to hang them together. During this time, Sarah sacrificed herself by convincing the townspeople that she had seduced Hannah. So, the townspeople let Hannah go as they proceeded to execute Sarah. Before she was executed, Sarah vowed revenge on the city and died. Later, Hannah, Lizzie, Abigail, and Isaac get together to properly bury Sarah.

Nice Nick.

Nice Nick.

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What Happened in 1994’s Fear Street: Part 2?

Deena is finally out of sight when she realizes that the Goode family is responsible for the murders in the Shadyside curse. He learned that all the eldest children of the Goode family were instructed by their fathers on how to use the Book of Dark Magic. They have used curses to bring good luck to their families for about 300 years. As Deena and Josh leave the place, they are confronted by Sheriff Nick. Nick begins to realize that his brothers like them. Meanwhile, Ziggy is still watching the possessed Sam as he learns that the Goode family is either responsible or the Shadyside curse. Deena and Ziggy plan to take down Nick because they are using Martin’s help. He was at the janitor at the mall, which they entered to set traps for the undead.

Trap starts working as a Shadyside killer previously trapped inside some shops in the mall. Afterwards, Ziggy lures Nick to the mall, where they pour Deena’s blood over him. Since the assassins are specifically after Deena’s blood, they start attacking Nick. However, Nick manages to escape the assassins. Deena and Sam chase after him, whereupon Sam is again possessed. Deena was able to put Sam out of possession for some time, after which Deena knocked Sam out. Nick attacks Deena when he can trap her. But at the right time, Deena is able to expose Nnick to an unholy mob in the middle of the tunnel. This causes Nick to have visions of his killer victim.

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 Ending Explained

Deena and Sam.

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Fear Street Part Three: 1666 Ending Explained

At the end of Fear Street Part Three: 1666, Nick’s attention is distracted. Deena took this opportunity to finally win as she was able to kill Nick. When Nick dies, the undead killers begin to disappear, causing the curse to disappear. Shadyside is finally free from the curse when the Goode Family is exposed for their crimes. At the end of Fear Street Part Three: 1666, Deena and Sam decide to go on a picnic. They were at Sarah Fier’s grave. After this, the credits start rolling out.

During the middle of the credits, we see a scene where we look at the widow’s demon book. Flies began to fly towards the book as several hands appeared on the screen. This person, whoever he was, took the book. No one really knows who this person is. But for now, it looks like there will be no more sequels to the Fear Street franchise. The film was originally created for distribution by 20th Century Fox. However, following the acquisition of the studio by Disney, the rights to the film were sold to Netflix. Now that all three films from the franchise are released together, the chances of the next coming looking bleak. But anyway, if Netflix decided to invest in the fourth installment, the middle credit scene should start the story for the sequel.

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 Ending Explained

Street of Fear Franchise Poster.

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