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Psychological thriller with a touch of mental genius. That’s what you get from the latest psychological thriller “Fear Of Rain”. Directed by Castille Landon, Fear Of Rain tells the story of a teenage girl who suffers from schizophrenia. This film involves a phobia and creates a big mystery out of it. Thus, making this film a great thriller spectacle. Released on February 12, 2021, Feat Of Rain garnered decent applause. The only thing that worries viewers is the confusion the film creates. Although entertaining, director Castille Landon made many viewers wonder. Especially about the difference between the hallucinations of the titular character and reality. So, don’t worry here, let’s break down what actually happens in the thriller and what the ending means.

Fear Of Rain follows the story of Rain Burroughs, played by Madison Iseman. Rain is a teenage girl who suffers from early schizophrenia. A condition that causes him to see hallucinations. With parents under pressure, she finds a way to be normal with a boy at school named Caleb. The happy times don’t last long when she realizes that her neighbor has kidnapped a child. But the question remains whether it was real or he was just hallucinating. The film also stars Katherine Heigl, Israel Broussard, Eugenie Bondurant, and Harry Connick Jr.

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Basic Fear of Rain

So, basically, the film opens with a teenage girl being chased by a stranger. The result of the girl’s chase was caught by the man. The unknown man buried the girl. The next moment, we were taken to the hospital where the girl woke up. The scene tells that the whole story of being chased by a man is one of hallucinations. So, we are introduced to Rain Burroughs who is schizophrenic.

Fear Of Rain - Ending Explained And Review

Still From The Movie “Fear Of Rain”

The incident brought Rain to a therapist. After a deep conversation, the therapist advised Rain to take the prescribed medication without fail on time. Next we are introduced to more about Rain’s life. The relationship and condition of his family clearly stated his current situation. Until now, he lived in his guest house. The reason was one of his previous hallucinations where he destroyed his own room.

Even though his family was already depressed, the school didn’t leave Rain alone either. After the recent incident, he was the subject of mockery the next day at school. Under such conditions, Rain somehow found a friend in need. A boy named Caleb understands what he’s going through and takes his feelings sensitively. Caleb is the only person Rain can find normalcy in his life.

The whereabouts of the kidnapped child

Rain’s teacher, Dani McConnell, is also Rain’s next door neighbor. That day when Rain returned home, he noticed something out of the ordinary at the McConnell house. The view of McConnell’s house was clear from Rain’s window. He observed a boy tied there. This led him to investigate and believe that McConnell might have kidnapped a child. As she tries to explain to her family, they stop considering her words for hallucinations and reality. The only person he can trust now is Caleb.

Fear Of Rain - Ending Explained And Review

Still From The Movie “Fear Of Rain”

Caleb let Rain tell his story. He listened carefully but still didn’t follow it. However, on his orders, the two broke into McConnell’s house but were caught rescuing the boy. McConnell threatens Rain to send him back to the institution. The end result of a series of hallucinations and revelations from Rain’s father didn’t go well either.

As the drama concludes, the question that remains is is there really a child? Perhaps, this is all part of the heavy hallucinations that Rain experiences throughout the film. The answer is yes there is a child. Although McConnell went to great lengths to convince everyone it was one of Rain’s Hallucinations, it wasn’t. If you clearly observe when Rain rescues the kid and is nearly caught by McConnell, Caleb runs to help him and his son. This means that even he saw the child. This was definitely not Rain’s mind game.

A film-type narrative takes us in circles. This cleverly distinguished the audience from Rain’s reality and hallucinations. The existence of the child on the other hand was kept secret until the end. Caleb’s participation was an act that countered Rain’s hallucinations. He came face to face with McConnell while Rain escaped with the boy. This case proves Rain’s sanity.

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Hallucinations Explained

As we said in the explanation above, Rain’s hallucinations are consistent throughout the film. The same facts distinguish us from reality and hallucinations. It also literally questions the existence of a child or not. The case turns out to be true, there is a child but still not all flowers and sunshine for the suffering Rain. The final type sums us up with all the hallucinations that need to be explained even if one is resolved that it is not a creation of his mind. Especially the revelations that came from Rain’s father revealed a lot about Rain and his condition.

Fear Of Rain - Ending Explained And Review

Still From The Movie “Fear Of Rain”

Mrs. Rain is the one who is always present throughout the film. But the ending tells a different story. It was revealed that he committed suicide three years ago. Rain’s mother’s existence was clearly a creation of Rain’s mind. As his father said, he played with him just to protect his daughter. The director used Rain’s mother and hallucinations as a way in which Rain could find comfort between reality and hallucinations. Because he was always alone with his college friends making ridicule about his condition and his father was just being protective and depressed. Rain’s brain imagined his mother in a comfortable place.

Throughout the film, it is revealed that Rain and his thoughts about Mother saved Rain from intense paranoia. The scene where Rain draws a portrait of his mother is a sign of this phenomenon. But as seen at the end of the story, Rain’s father had to reveal the facts one way or another to help Rain. Even Caleb was shocked to see Rain talking to his mother. But yes, even though Rain’s mother is a hallucination and a comfortable place for Rain, it helps her to understand the difference between hallucinations and reality.

Maybe all this chaos prompted Rain to solve the McConnell kidnapped case. This case really proved his sanity. She visited her mother’s grave at the end and discovered the fact that she is now calm and can handle her schizophrenia. All of this was director Castille Landon’s brainchild.

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Fear Of Rain - Ending Explained And Review

Still From The Movie “Fear Of Rain”

The ending of Fear Of Rain is what we can say changes the whole film. Especially the motive of the main character. Rain’s push to prove his sanity was what worked out well for the film. It all started out as a good thriller but was more confusing that it left many viewers wondering. Maybe that’s part of the fun. The director brilliantly balances hallucinations and reality to the end. As we said above, the case of the kidnapped child which is one of the most important parts of the plot is also left in question until the end. Almost everyone thought the whole mess was part of the mind of the main character and his creation.

On the other hand, Rain’s mother’s existence was another big blow which shocked us in the end after her father’s revelation. Managing Mother Rain and her presence was brilliantly done which broke the gap between hallucinations and reality. At the same time it serves as a soft spot for the main character. Rain’s encouragement is based solely on his mother’s whereabouts and revelations from his father are supposed to break him with a father playing together just to protect him. On the contrary, the facts prompted him to solve the kidnapped child case and clearly prove his sanity. We believe this is a good ending. It’s a pretty entertaining watch but the thriller requires a lot of observation until it finally reveals a lot.

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