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Family Guy, an American animated sitcom that has stood the test of time, is going strong with its 19th season. Since its debut in 1999, the show has kept audience expectations high with its sharp humor, real and unique parodies, spectacular animation, and of course, the theme song. All of these aspects have succeeded in creating a cult following for performances that have earned him many awards and accolades. Created and Developed by Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy, as of its 19th season, has covered 11 episodes so far. The latest episode titled “Boy’s Best Friend” features Brian getting to know the son of his new girlfriend while Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland join Joe on a sweet ride on Joe’s new Corvette.

Family Guy follows the story of Peter Griffin and his family, which includes his wife Lois, two teenagers Chris and Meg, a clever dog named Brian, and baby Stewie. The series sees families going through funny situations in their daily lives. So, without further ado, here we are, summing up everything that happened in the latest episode of Family Guy.

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Recap To Family Guy Season 19, Episode 11

Episode 11 of Family Guy, titled “Boy’s Best Friend,” opens at QUAHOG Mall with the family shopping for new shoes. On the spot, we saw Stewie point out everything that was wrong with the place from the backyard to the inventory. Brian sarcastically agrees with Stewie calling him better than anyone else. Well, Chris is definitely looking for a new shoe that is geared towards checking his foot size and using the machine as his new shoe. On the bright side, Brian approaches Holly, a girl who works at a shoe shop who agrees to date him.

After a glimpse of Stewie’s recommended Cheesecake factory, we are at home now. Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland approach Joe, who is beautifying his new Corvette. Unfortunately, Joe’s uncle Ray passed away recently, which left him in this sports car. Also, Uncle Ray asked Joe to show him his car at a classic race. Soon, Joe launches his garage filled with 1950s treasures, including the coke tokens his uncle gave him. On the other hand, Brian is at a karaoke night with his new girlfriend, Holly. The couple really enjoyed singing with all their hearts. After a day out until 3 am, Brian finally managed to get a kiss from his new girlfriend.

Recap: Family Guy Season 19 Episode 11

Still From Family Guy Season 19 Episode 11

The next morning, Peter and his friends finally approach Joe for a ride with his Uncle’s Corvette, which Joe doesn’t deny at all. Now, when the guys get ready to ride, all Joe does is imagine he’s driving it. To his dismay, Peter calls Joe out. Joe claims that since it is his uncle’s car and he has never allowed him to drive it, he will respect it and will not. Even at auto shows, he would carry it on trailers. When they get out, Joe, Peter and their friends agree that they can’t just let the car stand up without getting kicked. They decide to drive at night without telling Joe.

Brian prepares for another date with Holly. Stewie decides to give Brian some tips for her that she is sure to deny. Brian, rose in hand, arrives at Holly’s house and finds the child she didn’t tell about. While Holly is getting ready, Brian tries to hang out with his son Kyle who misses his dad so much before they leave.

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Recap: Family Guy Season 19 Episode 11

Family Guy Season 19 Episode 11

Peter and his friends devise a plan to drive Joe’s car, which ultimately works. The next morning, Brian is still at Holly’s house and relaxing with his son Kyle. A group of bullies appear and try to bully Kyle. Brian decides to stand up and defend Kyle by driving off the bullies, eventually befriending Kyle. On the other hand, Peter and his friend are enjoying Joe’s corvette. While performing the stunt, Joe accidentally crashes into a trash can and, unfortunately, someone else. Now, Peter and his friends are very worried about what to say to Joe.

Brian takes his girlfriend Holly and son Kyle home and introduces her to the rest of her family. While Brian was planning on going out with Holly again, it sure didn’t work out. Holly revealed that she is young and wants to date someone else who caused the breakup. The saddest part is that more than Holly, Brian will miss meeting Kyle.

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Recap: Family Guy Season 19 Episode 11

Family Guy Season 19 Episode 11

The next day, Brian confessed to Stewie how much he really liked hanging out with Kyle. He is very happy to be his father figure. Stewie advises him to go and find Kyle if he misses him so much. On the other hand, Peter and his friends are still figuring out what to tell Joe. Despite their best efforts, Joe finally finds out, and Peter and his friends confess. But things turned around, Joe wasn’t angry because he didn’t have to worry about his car breaking down. Finally, the people finally go together to get on the damaged Corvette.

On the other hand, Brian finally reunites with Kyle at school. Realizing how happy Kyle is with Brian, Holly decides to let Brian meet and babysit her while she is dating. The episode concludes with a dive on television.

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Family Guy Season 19, Episode 12 Release Date

Family Guy Season 19 episode 12 will be released on February 28, 2021, titled “And Then There Fraud”. This episode will be based on a script by Kevin Biggins. Just like every episode, the next episode will continue a two-sided adventure with the Griffins. The official synopsis states that Peter and Chris will be seen starting a memorabilia business after visiting a basketball game. On the other hand, Stewie underwent plastic surgery to combat aging; the process goes too far.

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