Exclusive: Former Indian Idol 12 contestant Anjali Gaikwad reacts to overwhelming response from post-elimination fans

As Indian Idol 12 draws near to the end of the season, the competition among the participants is increasing week by week. The latest episode saw the ousting of sixteen year old singer, Anjali Gaikwad, from the singing reality show. His fan following is such that some viewers flooded social media with messages, demanding to bring him back to the show. In exclusive interaction with Yo! Vizag, Anjali Gaikwad recounted her unforgettable journey on Indian Idol 12 and reacted to the overwhelming response from her fans, after her passing.

Sharing his experience Gaikwad said he had learned a lot over the past six months on the show. “Recently, season 12 completed 50 episodes, of which I was a part, and it was an amazing experience for me. I got the opportunity to learn a lot from the judges, my fellow contestants,” he added.

When asked about his favorite moments from the set of Indian Idol 12, he told Yo!, “There are many moments that I will never forget in my life. But my most favorite moment was when Himesh Reshammiya Sir gave me the nickname – ‘Lady Tansen’. The name was immediately taken up by everyone who liked me, my looks, and my fans.” Anjali Gaikwad continued, “Another memorable moment was when Rapper Badshah came on Indian Idol 12. Not only did I get the chance to perform with him on stage, but also rap for him, which I had never done before. before. So Badshah came on the show, I did a rap for him, which was also written by me. He was so impressed with my performance that he offered to work with me.”

Expressing his gratitude to the Indian Idol team, the young singer mentioned that he was very grateful for giving him such a great platform to showcase his talent. Talking about the post-elimination response, Anjali Gaikwad said that many fans and well-wishers flooded her social media with messages. “That is quite extraordinary. Calls started pouring in when they found out about my elimination from the show. It was amazing to feel the love and support from my family and well-wishers,” he further added.

Yo! Vizag asked about what he missed the most after leaving the show. He responded by saying, “I will miss the Indian Idol 12 stage very much. I will also miss all the other contestants. We all used to live together. We used to jam together. We played together, even made Instagram rolls together. Living there and performing on stage is a blessing.”

Explaining what his future plans are, the former Indian Idol contestant shared that the show had started my career. “Even though I left the show, I did it after learning a lot. I will use everything I have learned on the show in the future. I aspire to advance my future in classical music. Even though I left the show, my career was just getting started, and I wanted to focus on that,” he concluded.

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