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The fighting continues with rescue president Natsume Hayama. Military weaponry arrived on the battlefield. Kondo reveals that it is the 13th Special Armored Forces. Chikage suggested that they deploy them because they were too much for a rescue operation. The captain tells Chikage that Recovery Block has just decided to throw Jinkoku-Sha at the wolf. He reveals that the enemy’s objection is to capture all Ex-Arms, including Number 11.

Hayama was still unconscious after being stabbed by Beta. Beta releases thousands of metal troops who join the battle. Amaterasu launches a cyber attack on Beta. Soma tells Al Jarde that Jinkoku-Sha is free. They no longer need to follow Beta’s orders. He told Almna and Al Jarde to follow. Jinkoku-Sha.

Ex-Arm Episode 10 will be released on Monday, March 15, 2021, at 1:05 JSTon Crunchyroll. Let’s take a look at the update and preview below.

Previously in Ex-Arm Episode 9

Kondo and the others managed to get Hayama to a safe room. He revealed that the enemy wanted to finish them all. Natsume thought they were all finished, and Chikage told them they had a choice. The captain asked if he wanted them to communicate with the US Army to help deploy the Ogre. The Chief informs them that Shikage is right, and he is given complete control over the Counter Ex-Arm Squad.

The captain mentions that if they deliver the Ogre there, Number 00 won’t be able to connect to him. Number 00 requires the gate to be open vis Alma. But Alma is still under enemy control. Minami comments that they have to bring Alma to their side. Natsume asks Minami how she will get Alma back. Natsume replied that it would be a surprise, and the two of them headed to the parking lot and waited for them. Alma and Al Jarde arrived at the scene.

Access code



Nanami begins a fight with Alma trying to create destruction for his plan to work. Al Jarde told them not to get in their way. Alma told Minami to hand over Jinkoku-Sha or he would die. Minami asked Alma if she was still her partner. Alma revealed that he was only loyal to his master. Natsume jumped and knocked Alma down.

Minami shot all of Alma’s guns and aimed the gun at his forehead. Natsume comments that Alma always leaves his left side wide open when he moves to kill. Alma asks when she started making the habit, and Minami comments that she always puts covers on her left side. Alma told Minami to immediately neutralize it.

But some of the building blocks started falling, and Minami pushed Alma away. Alma asked Minami why she saved her when she had the opportunity to protect herself. Minami reminded Alma about all the time they spent together. Alma began to remember his past and get his memories little by little. Alma passed out, and Ygg arrived at the scene.

Ygg revealed that this was an emergency shutdown caused by a fatal flaw that may have been Navy-related. He also said they might be able to fix the program now. Al Jarde told them not to do anything. Alma’s changes need to be undone using a specific process. He revealed that he was the only one who had the access code. Al Jarde refused to provide them with an access code. She choked Ygg by the wall asking where Hayama and Midori were.

Number 00 Alpha



Natsume told Al Jarde to stop him because killing everyone wouldn’t make a difference. Al Jarde replied that he would be satisfied when they paid with their blood. Natsume reveals the truth about Beta to Al Jarde. Al Jarde decided to leave them and kill the president. Minami creates Midori’s hologram and catches Al Jarde’s attention. Al Jarde was surprised that Midori appeared alone. Minami emerged from the hologram and shot Al Jarde.

He fell to the ground and Minami asked him to turn Alma back to normal. Al Jarde vowed that he would rather die than abandon his revenge. He told Minami the truth about Alma and Soma and told her to throw a tantrum at him. They bothered to talk about the death of their beloved family member. Minami said she had accepted it and forgot it. Nor would he take revenge. Beta arrives and starts attacking them.

Al Jarde protects Minami from bullets coming from Amaterasu. He fell down after being shot and gave Minami Alma’s unlock key. Al Jarde saw the light and passed out; Soma was furious, watching that his master had been taken out. He said he wouldn’t come until he avenged his master’s death. But he was swallowed up by the Ex-Arm. Kimura arrived with Number 00 Alpha and connected him with Natsume. Natsume said he would beat Beta no matter what.

Preview of Ex-Arm Episode 10

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