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So, we’ve seen the various prison breakout films that have been made in Hollywood. One of them is The Shawshank Redemption which gives us powerful insights into what life in prison is doing for you. There are characters who adopt the prison as their home and when they leave, there’s nothing left in the world for them but loneliness.

One of the most recent entries in the entertainment industry is Escape From Pretoria. Instead of being a classic, this film proves to be a quite opposite story. It highlights the politics at play in prison. The film features world famous actor Daniel Radcliffe playing the role of Tim Jenkin in this prison life. As for his character, he is a real-life South African political prisoner.

The concept underlying this story is quite simple. So this man, Tim, helped his comrades, who were a group of white inmates with him at the Pretoria Maximum Security Prison, to escape from the place unnoticed by the officers. Now, you might get angry when we share spoilers, but really? I mean, ever since the story was released, everyone knew that these people were going to escape from prison because the story was inspired by real events.

This incident was followed by officers trying to find out about the people who escaped from the prison and put them back in custody. This search took place over the years through both national and international spheres. Despite all that, the story is quite interesting to watch. As for the character in this film, there is actor Daniel Webber who plays the character Stephen Lee.

Escape From Pretoria-What’s the story?

Then there is Ian Hart who plays Denis Goldberg. Before these characters actually get out of prison, we are given a lot of preparation scenes that make us bond with them even more as we go through their daily prison routines and personal traumas. But up until now, you might have thought that this story was like the Shawshank Redemption because it really gave off that vibe. But no, Escape from Pretoria is a scary film with the terrifying Daniel Radcliffe that terrifies all the audience (too much scare in one line).

This fact certainly adds to the uniqueness of the film because to be honest there are currently hundreds of prison breakout films but none of them can compete with the themes shown at Escape from Pretoria. For example, the film also shows how people in prison are treated and discriminated against for their skin color. In one scene, we witnessed prison guards shouting at a prisoner of color. The guards didn’t stop there, they even called Lee and Jenkins for being traitors to their race.

Escape From Pretoria – Release date

This story could easily be considered one of the finest examples of the director’s work. Francis Annan, with this story, has described everything that happened during this incident and how the characters escaped the tight security. There is so much emotion involved in Escape from Pretoria that audiences cannot help but love the story. So, there must be drama and horror. But then there’s also a sub-plot setting where the characters discuss Goldberg’s son.

All of these factors add up throughout the story and make the audience really connect with the characters. This also gives us the reason why these people fled from high-end security like that in the first place. While Lee and Jenkins were sentenced to years in prison, they really couldn’t tolerate the discriminating judges and guards who looked down on them. At the end of the story, the audience sympathizes with these people’s condition and begins to resonate with their thoughts. The film is released in theaters on February 29, 2020.

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