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The Untamed is a 2019 Chinese drama adapted from a novel. The series follows an adventure throughout and revolves around two male friends who travel and solve mysterious events. The drama was a worldwide critical and commercial success. It streamed on the global platform Netflix and attracted great attention from viewers around the world. The depiction, narration, plot construction, direction, make-up, costumes are all up to standard with excellent presentation. It was one of the most viewed dramas of 2019 with a total of 8 billion views on Tencent videos.

The high acceptance of the drama also resulted in economic benefits, the streaming platforms on which it was broadcast also experienced an almost 250 percent increase in their popularity like WeTV, due to the overwhelming response from fans, crews and even looking for fans. meet in different countries and cities such as Seoul, Singapore, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Bangkok, etc. It was ranked first in terms of popularity index so, keeping in mind the success of the series two spin-off films also released a focus on the side of the characters named ‘Fatal Journey’ and ‘The Living Dead’. Several game plans were also rolled out due to the immense popularity of the show at the time.

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The Untamed (2019)

The story of The Untamed is about two people named Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji who are both talented and disciples from a famous clan who run into each other during an incident and accidentally discover a hidden secret. In order to continue their ancestral legacy, they decided to fight evil and make the world free from threats, but things took a different turn and Wei Wu Xian died. After sixteen years he will be revived through rituals that embody sacrifice. He initially disguised himself by staying behind a mask for several days to identify the caller.

After a few days, followed by many incidents, Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji reunited and they started working from where they had left before. They start their work to solve the mystery of the present and reveal the truth behind past incidents. The entire drama has been adapted from a play called ‘Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation’ by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. It was also further extended to have a special edition named ‘The Untamed Special Edition’. This drama is also known as Chen Qing Ling, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, The Founder of Diabolism, Mo Dao Zu Shi, and MDZ. The drama direction has been done under Steve Cheng and Chan Ka Lam. With a scenario by Deng Yao Yu, Yang Xia, Guo Guang Yun, and Jing Ma. This drama genre includes action, adventure, history, mystery, and fantasy.

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Regarding the casting concerned, in the main role, Sean Xiao has played the role of Wei Wu Xian, Want Yi Bo has also played the lead role of Lan Wang Ji.

Sean Xiao’s real name is Xiao Zhan, he is a Chinese actor and singer and also a member of an idol group in China. In June 2020, his single ‘spotlight’ gained global recognition and even entered the Guinness world record for the fastest selling digital single. He also won first place in the 100 most handsome faces in Asia. We have seen him in many TV shows, dramas and movies. Notable works include Buying Ears, Talk of the Stars, Camp Happy, The Wild, The Joys of Life, etc. Wang Yi Bo is a Chinese actor, singer, dancer, TV presenter, model, and motorcycle racer. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band UNIQ. Since he attended his high school in South Korea and is fluent in Korean and Mandarin.

Apart from The Untamed Wang also starred in ‘Legend of Fei’ which hit a record over 130 million within hours of its release. Wang also released the single ‘My Rules’ within 10 minutes of its release, 7 million digital copies were sold which gave him huge economic growth as well. The single debuted on the Billboard World’s digital song sales chart as well. Wang is also respected by the Chinese government as an ambassador for the Paralympics and Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. Wang Yi Bo is also known for his famous works such as Gank Your Heart, The Untamed, The Untamed special edition, Let’s Chat, and Street Dance of China season. 3. The drama direction is under Steve Cheng and Chan Ka Lam. Screenwriting under Deng Yao Yu, Yang Xia, Guo Guang Yun, and Jiang Ma.

The producers of the event were Wang Chu, Liu Jian Qi, Zhang Meng, and Sun Zhong Huai. Ji Peng is the performing arts director and Chen Tong Xun is a costume designer. The composer of the entire drama is Lin Hai. In the supporting role, we have Marius Wang as Jiang Cheng, Lulu Xuan as Jiang Yan Li, Liu Hai Kuan as Lan Xi Chen, Zhu Zan Jin as Jin Guang Yao, Paul Yu as Wen Ning, Qi Pei Xin as Jin Ling, Zheng Fan Xing as Lan Si Zhui, Caesar Guo as Lan Jing Yi, Vardy Wang as Xue Yang, Song Ji Yang as Xiao Xing Chen, Li Bo Wen as Song Lan, Cao Yu Chen as Jin Zi Xuan, Ji Li as Nie Huai Sang, Wang Yi Zhou as Nie Ming Jue, Zoey Meng as Wen Qing, He Peng as Wen Chao, Lu En Jie as Wang Ling Jiao, Feng Ming Jing as Wen Zhu Liu, Lu Jian Min as Jian Feng Mian, Zhang Jiang Tong as Madan Yu, James Huang as Lan Qi Ren, Xiu Qing as Wen Ruo Han, Shen Xiao Hai as Jin Guang Shan, and so on.

Will The Untamed have season 2?

Since this drama is an adaptation of a novel, so far there has been no confirmation of season 2. If the series is a huge success both domestically and internationally, then the producer might be thinking of making a proper season 2 of the show.

Where to watch The Untamed season 2?

This drama can be watched at any time on the original network namely Tencent videos and besides that it is also available on WeTV, Viki, Prime Video, and Netflix.

The reason for watching The Untamed

  • The authenticity of the novel is maintained and the depiction of the drama does not spoil the original novel.
  • Good and proper casting, the cast is already popular and is doing justice to the characters given to them.
  • Excellent character development and undoubtedly proper justice to character depiction.
  • Great soundtrack, one that will leave you suffocating and emotional, so be prepared with your tissue box in hand.
  • Fantastic storyline, backdrops, graphics and a strong adaptation of the novel with brief elaborations of every aspect of the story.

This drama is already a hit and has proven its value among audiences. For me, it’s a must-watch any time of the day and with a total of 50 episodes it’s worth your time. This is a 2019 drama production and aired from 27 June 2019 to 7 August 2019. If you are a new audience to the show, feel free to give it a try and watch it without a second thought. What do you think of this drama, and who is your favorite character, are you looking forward to season 2, let us know in the comments section below.


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