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If you talk about the Food Network then no show is complete without mentioning Elizabeth Chambers. Elizabeth Chambers is a well-known American TV personality as well as an entrepreneur, journalist and actress. He is more popular as the founder of the Texas-based bakery chain Bird. He has also filmed many cooking shows, films and television series. It also includes holiday cooking shows. It airs on The Cooking Chanel and The Food Network, which are American-based cable channels. And also on the Today channel, which is an American morning talk and news television show that airs on NBC.

She is also known for her role in the American family comedy film The Game Plan, which was released in 2007. And has also appeared in two television series. First is Shark which is an American Legal Drama television series. It ran from 2006 to 2008 on the CBS network. The second series is Criminal Minds which is a police procedural crime drama television series. It also airs on the CBS network. But his most popular role was as a guest judge on the network The Food. His total net worth is assumed to be around $ 10 million.

Early and Personal Life

Elizabeth Chamber Net Worth

Elizabeth Chamber and her husband

Elisabeth Chambers was born on August 18, 1982 in San Antonio, Texas. He has three siblings and is the oldest of them. His maternal grandmother, Maureen Cathnathan, is of British descent. And he was bought in India. Chambers holds a degree in Journalism at the famed University of Texas at Austin.

She married American Actor Armie Hammer in 2010. They have two lovely children. Harper Grace and Ford Armand. But the couple split last year in July due to several problems. They announced that they were moving on from their thirteen year old marriage. Currently, Chambers lives with his two children in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, California.


Elisabeth got her first job as a correspondent on the AI ​​Gore Television network on TV Today. He also works as a news correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, which is a syndicated American news broadcast magazine run by CBS. He also works for E! News Now and Access Hollywood. His filmmaking career began with the American comedy film The Game Plan. Later she also played roles in many series and television shows. These include The Criminal Minds, 2 Broke Girls, as well as Shark. All of which are broadcast on the CBS network. Most recently in 2020, he was selected by the University of Texas-Austin for its outstanding Alumni list.

Chambers started Bird’s of the bakery, in San Antonio in 2012. And then in Dallas in 2016. The recipe for this bakery is based on his grandmother’s kitchen. There is also a case at the bakery where two bakery employees stole $ 120,000 from the business. This happened for several years, and it was done to buy luxury goods.

Chambers was also a guest judge on the Food Network’s acclaimed show, “America’s Best Bakers,” somewhere in June 2019. He also appeared as a guest judge on Candy Cut for episodes 105, 106, and 107. This happened in the month of June 2019. February and March 2020. Then in October 2020, Chamber’s also launched Vision Visors, a company that makes face masks for children.

He has even raised funds for the San Antonio Foodbank. And his bakery is also partnered with non-profit organizations working with cancer patients. The organization’s name is ‘Salood’, and he helps them by designing custom cookies that can benefit cancer patients. Additionally, there is a system at Bird Bakery that food that is not sold is packaged and shipped to local non-profit organizations. These include the church, fire and police departments, the Fisher House Foundation, and many more.

Elizabeth Chambers Net Worth

Elizabeth Chamber Net Worth

still from the Elizabeth Chamber

Elizabeth Chambers’ net worth is estimated to be around $ 10 million. This is the sum of all the work she’s done, including business and acting career. He also owns property in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, California. Apart from that, she does donate to many charitable organizations and tries to give her contribution wherever possible.

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