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Here’s all the information you need to know about Classroom of the Elite Season 2. This psychological thriller anime is an adaptation of the Japanese light novel series by Shunsaku Tomose. Later, Yuyu Ichino provides an illustration for the manga adaptation. The anime television series by studio Lerche aired from 12 July 2017 to 27 September 2017. The light novel ended two years later in September 2019. So, the twelve episode anime ended much earlier than the original story, leaving us with a big cliffhanger. Anime follows a group of high school students in the distant future.

The Japanese government established the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Maintenance School to nurture students who will protect the country in the future. These students are the best in the country, given a high degree of freedom so that they can imitate real life. The series is centered on Kiyota Ayanokouji, he is a quiet child and prefers to keep his distance from other people rather than make them friends. He studied in class D, where the school dumped the lesser students. However, his life changed drastically after he became friends with Suzune Horikita and Kikyo Kushida. Together, and with the help of other students from class D, they fight against the other classes for the top spot.

The intense story and unique characters made this anime very popular at that time. This series is not the usual high school drama we see in anime. It broke high school anime conventions as the series leaned mostly towards suspense and thriller. Consequently, the series also addresses teen issues such as anxiety, depression, fear of rejection, and many more. Even nearly four years later, fans are still expecting a second season of Classroom of the Elite. Without season 2, we would never have learned more about Ayanokouji and his past, nor would we ever see if he or his classmates ever made it to class A.

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Kiyota Ayanokouji's elite class

Kiyota Ayanokouji

What Will Be the Story of Season Two?

If there will be a second season, it will start the story of the manga’s fourth volume. The series will follow the group as they fight back on the cruise ship. Unfortunately, nowadays students are separated and separated according to their zodiac signs. This means that they have formed twelve groups, with each member having the same zodiac sign. This challenge is about surviving and testing their brains as each group tries to find out the VIP identity in all the other groups. The second season will be full of lots of interesting twists and turns. The second season will also include all of the previous main characters.

elite class

Suzune Horikita (Right) and Kikyo Kushida (Left)

Will There Be a Season 2 Elite Classroom?

The anime’s first season included only the first three manga books, leaving 13 more volumes waiting to be adapted into anime. This means that there must be at least 3 or 4 seasons of twelve more episodes to cover the whole story. Now the question arises – why isn’t there a second season of the anime yet? There are times when studios produce anime only for the sake of promoting light novels or manga. This was especially the case with “Campione”, where the series never released a second season as it garnered readership for their novel.

Another possibility of canceling the anime sequel is due to low manga sales. This would result in losing money on production, as happened with the Tokyo Ravens. And this might happen to the elite class. Despite the show’s popularity, fans don’t want to buy manga. However, light novels are quite popular with a hefty number of sales. All possibilities lead to the same conclusion; that the odds for a second season were low.

Don’t despair, however, as there are instances where it can take several years for a studio to release an anime sequel. For example, Gintama, which has aired its sequel season for four years, or Mushishi, which took nine years. And both sequels are worth the wait. The anime series Classroom of the elite might also be one of them.

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