Eddie McGuire Net Worth: A Look At Reporters’ Lives

First name Eddie
Family name McGuire
Profession TV presenter
Age 56 years old
Birthmark Scorpio
Date of birth October 29, 1964
Place of birth Toorak, Victoria
Country Australia
Estimated Net Worth in 2020 US$50 – 60 million

As someone who has worked non-stop since the age of fourteen, one wants to know Eddie McGuire’s net worth. Eddie is one of the youngest sports statisticians. After all, he is known for his work ethic in the fields of media and sports. After joining sports organizations and working with game and player statistics, Eddie made a name for himself in the sports media at such a young age. He never misses a given opportunity. Working in the media industry, he works as a columnist, journalist, reporter, TV presenter and host. He is also an entrepreneur and CEO.

Eddie is also President of Collingwood Football Club in Australia. He is a personality that everyone and football fans know and follow. As a teenager, he had to pay for his own education because his mother could not make money because of illness. He got a scholarship to college, his brother gave him a job at a sports media house so he could help himself. Since then, he has loved working and started pushing himself for the better things in his career. His hard work will definitely pay off.

eddie mcguire

Collingwood Football Club President Eddie McGuire (l) with former director Brad Cooper at Collingwood Football Club’s annual general meeting

Eddie’s Early Media Career

In 1978, Eddie started working at The Herald. He works as a cricket reporter. In 1982, he also worked as a statistician for Australian football regulations. He started reporting work for Network Ten. In 1993, he was promoted to Nine Networks. He hosts many programs on Nine Network. His work earned him the position of Network CEO in 2006. He produces his own show called Footy Show. He even stepped down from his CEO position so he could focus on his show. He started the show in 1994 and went on non-producing and hosting until 2007.

With his extraordinary ability as a host, he later became the host of the Australian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, called Millionaire Hot Seat. He also hosted the morning show The Hot Breakfast with Luke Darcy. Having done all the media stuff he could do to get people to like and praise him, he got a great offer from the world of Australian Football. Becoming an official football club in the Australian Football League in 1892, Collingwood Football Club needed a president for them. The club’s owner, Mark Anderson, considered Eddie McGuire the right man for the role.

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Eddie McGuire Net Worth

Estimating Eddie McGuire’s net worth, his value is down by about $55 million. He has produced and hosted a number of well-rated shows. Its annual revenue is reported to be around $3.5 million. In addition to his high salary, he owns a villa in Melbourne, which is estimated to be worth around $11 million. He also owns a quirky home in suburban Victoria. His Melbourne home caught fire back in 2001. He reportedly spent millions of dollars renovating the Georgian style home. The house is spacious and has a swimming pool and tennis court.

eddie mcguire

Eddie McGuire

Eddie’s Resignation Controversy

After leading the team for 22 years, Eddie stepped down to the position of club president earlier this year. When asked about his resignation, he said he was doing it voluntarily. He revealed that it had become too much for him, and he had to do something. He has dedicated his life to AFL football and Collingwood Football Club, so he didn’t want to spoil it by stretching for too long. There has been speculation that he was asked to step down due to some internal reports of racism at the club.

The president of support group Collingwood Fans Care, Toby Hemingway, called and pointed Eddie at the racism report. After news of the president’s resignation came, he said that there was a lot of work to be done. The first step is acknowledging patterns of racism and not just incidents. We need to understand the pattern.

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