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Eat a prayer of love is a 2010 biographical romantic drama film. It is an adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s 2006 memoir of the same name. The film was directed and co-written by Ryan Murphy. This film stars Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, James Franco, Billy Crudup, Richard Jenkins, and Viola Davis. The film hit theaters on August 13, 2010. Although the film received mixed and subpar acclaim, it was a commercial success. With a $ 60 million budget, the film’s worldwide gross revenue is more than $ 204.6 million.

Eat a prayer of love based on a memoir by American journalist and writer Elizabeth Gilbert. The book was an international success, having sold 12 million copies and being translated into more than 30 languages. The book, like the film, has often been criticized for its arrogance and cult of eastern culture. However, it is also said to be better than the film and is considered a beach fun book. Films and books based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s world-wide adventures exploration. He has everything but not completely, and to satisfy this deficiency, he sets out on a journey to find his true self.

Review of the film Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts plays Gilbert, a rich but lost woman, on a journey to find her true self.

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The story of a woman who succeeded but got lost

This film follows Elizabeth Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, a modern woman who has everything. Despite having a husband, career and home, she felt something was missing in her life. Just out of divorce, lost, and in need of meaning, she decided to step out of her comfort zone. And thus, he sets out on a journey, across continents, in search of meaning and self-discovery. During the three-part journey, this film presents a collage of beautiful landscapes from various countries. During his travels, he spent 4 months in Italy, nourishing himself with food. The next four months saw him spend time in an Indian ashram, meditating, and discovering his spiritual identity. And finally, the next four people to have him in Bali, suddenly fall in love, find inner peace and balance.

Eat a prayer of love sometimes it is a flawed and superficial experience. We follow a successful travel writer, Gilbert, who has almost everything he wants, and so on. He seems to have a lot of luck when it comes to men who look like fashion magazine poster men. But a successful career, wealth and a husband are not enough. She divorced her husband, played by Crudup, because he was tired of it – tired of a troubled life! His inner struggle was reminiscent of the meme, “suffering from success.” This shortage, caused by the suffering of a perfect life, prompted Gilbert to fill it up again. And he goes out, to beautiful, calm, predictable places, to find his identity and peace. His trip was funded by money previously attributed for writing the book.

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Three Self-Discovery Checkpoints

He started from Italy, where he discovered first of all the meaning of life – eating the whole menu. I don’t know what meaning to have from eating pasta in Italy, but we persisted. However, this part of Italy does have some heartwarming examples of kinship ties. There, he meets a young and beautiful woman, Sofi (Tuva Novotny). He also met a group of local residents who taught him about the meaning of community and ownership. Although, the story plays on the stereotypes of this big Italian family and Italian food. It was as if Italy had nothing to offer other than that. In Italy, she also meets a young man, played by James Franco, who falls in love with her, like many others. She serves as a distraction for Gilbert, who immediately realizes that he is looking for meaning. So he went to India.

In India, he found meaning in meditation and spirituality. There, he meets a bearded Texan, Richard (Richard Jenkins). He served as an enlightenment mentor for Gilbert, providing a very superficial philosophy. He mentored Gilbert in his short courses of meditation and discipline. This part of the film is also the slowest and most boring. At least Italian food and Balinese scenery can spoil the eyes. India’s checkpoint from her journey of self-discovery is nothing but stale metaphor and tired of treating eastern culture as a stereotypical template. The philosophy and meditative discipline lessons that Gilbert learned while in India are the most basic and superficial examples. The “Eastern Enlightenment” was deeply romanticized and romanticized. Gilbert took on another meaning of spirituality and discipline without applying any necessary rigor.

Review of the film Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts and Richard Jenkins at the Indian ashram at Eat Pray Love (2010)

Film Appeal

After an enlightenment crash course in India, Gilbert set out for the third and final self-discovery checkpoint. In Bali, he first visited a shaman (Hadi Subiyanto), who had given him extraordinary insight into his true identity and other such predictions. This part of Bali is where Gilbert culminates in all the lessons he has learned in his travels thus far. He meets Felipe (Javier Bardem), who is once again a handsome and charming man. She was a widow herself and seemed to be the lucky type. Until he met Gilbert. And like all the other men in the film, she fell in love with him. Gilbert is reluctant to fall in love because it might not fit the lessons he has learned so far. But, honey! The shaman gave him a final lesson, and he learned that leaving Javier Bardem was hardly enlightened.

Julia Roberts and Hadi Subiyanto

Gilbert seeks equanimity in Bali with the help of a shaman.

It is difficult for many people to see the appeal of the story and characters here. However, both the film and the book have done very well in terms of popularity and commercial success. I think the reason lies in media consumption at such a surface level. It is basically an extraordinary journey that treats these foreign destinations as exotic places with facades of spiritual travel. It had a lot of traction among the target readers of Gilbert’s book. This film also has some redeeming qualities. Even though it lacks in perfecting some of the characters like the ones in the book, it’s still beautiful. The cinematography is exquisite and helps make the film a great escape, which might be a great way to tell the story, instead of making it about “self-discovery.”

The Cast Redeems Film.

The film is also enhanced by strong performances from Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, and others. The supporting cast wasn’t given much work, but Viola Davis and Richard Jenkins made the most of their screen time. Julia puts confidence in her role as Gilbert. To be honest, it is the cinematography and performances that make this film acceptable to me. Other than that, it’s overkill carpe diem rigidity, cloaked with mystical and spiritual discoveries, is not easy to digest. Billy Crudup as a divorced husband, is a strong supporter addition. Richard Jenkins also provides a lot of warmth as a spiritual mentor at an Indian ashram. Julia Roberts, however, carried the film and is the reason for so much of its appeal.

Julia Roberts

Julia brought emotional confidence to her role as Gilbert in Eat Pray Love.

The soundtrack is a beautiful song by Dario Marianelli which perfectly presents the film’s theme. The production design and workmanship of the camera also complements the aesthetics of the film. The director of photography, Robert Richardson, does a great job of exploring the breathtaking sights and places. This is a salient factor that contributed to the success of the film. That, and the film’s ability to entertain the intended audience with a pleasant feeling, even if the text is absurd. This film wouldn’t have worked that effectively, if it had had a different cast. In addition, cliché, superficial, and faux-philosophical stories are a tough request because of the long runtime.

If that’s your cup of tea, you can drain it Eat a prayer of love in Netflix.



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