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Dai clashes with the Hydra, the five headed dragon, and he tells everyone that he will lure the dragon away. When he attacked, he found that his sword could not penetrate the dragon skin. Gomechan and Leona help civilians who are struggling to evacuate. Dai wondered why dragon scales were as hard as steel. But he decided to aim for the dragon’s face. He released Earth Slash, but he was shocked that his sword broke.

The dragon sucked in the wind and blew out a fire cannon that burned Dai. Leona uses the Crack Spell to heal Dai. Popp also battled the baby Hydra dragons, and he decided to defeat them all with one big spell. Popp raised his sword and summoned the Mighty spirits sleeping on earth to hear his voice. He destroyed all the baby dragons using Donk.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 24 dates will be released on Saturday, March 20, 2021, at 09:30 JST Crunchyroll. An update to the upcoming episode of Dragon Quest will be available on Saturday. Check out the following updates.

Previously on Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 23

Popp had lost all his energy after defeating the dragons. The dragon who pretended to be sleeping woke up and chased after Popp. Dai continues to attack Hydra with Friz. The Muscle men who were afraid to help him couldn’t believe that Dai’s spell didn’t work against the dragon. Hydra slapped Dai and squeezed him with his tail. A green dragon appeared at the scene. They went on a rampage, and Popp was with them.

The muscular man ran away from the battle and left Leona with the old woman. The old woman screamed that muscular people were cowards. Leona tries to pull a rock with an old bag that is on top of a civilian. The green dragon rushed towards Leona to kill her. Popp is blown away, and he can’t help it. The Dai is also wrapped in a dragon’s tail. He unleashed its original power, and one of the Hydra’s heads exploded.

Legendary Dragon Knight

Dragon Quest Adventure Dai

Dragon Quest Adventure Dai

He freed himself while tearing apart the first Hydra’s body using his newfound power. The mark appeared on his forehead. Its power slammed down two green dragons that were about to kill Leona. Leona saw Dai’s new appearance with a mark on her forehead. The old woman was surprised because she knew the emblem on Ms. Dai’s forehead.

Dai took one of the green dragons with its tail and crushed it with the other dragons. He punished all of them using his new super move called Boom. Popp is happy that when the mark on Dai’s face appears it means they are at an advantage. The old woman couldn’t believe what she saw. He never thought that he would see the legendary Dragon Knight in battle. The old woman was shocked to find out that Dai had the power of the legendary Dragon Knight.

Dai began punishing the Hydra with kicks, spells, punches, and power slams. But Hydra also shows Dai that he has true Dragon power. The tide of battle was constantly changing. Popp is happy when Dai punishes Hydra, but as the table changes, he starts shaking. He had noticed that He was more intense today than any other day. The Hydra had lost one of its five heads because of the Dai spell.

Killvearn The Reaper

Dragon Quest Adventure Dai

Dragon Quest Adventure Dai

Dai rushed towards the Hydra and stabbed the Hydra’s back using the crown. He releases the Zapple which burns the Hydra, and puts the Hydra to sleep. The dark clouds disappeared, and everyone praised Dai. But they were scared after seeing his inhuman fighting ability. The civilians were afraid of the power of Dragon Knight Dai. They started to think of Dai as a monster. They started hearing voices that demonized Mr. Dai’s strength. Dai realized that it was the Dark Army.

One of the Dark Soldiers appears and reveals that he is Killvearn. He tells them they can call him Killvearn, Reaper. Mr. Dai asked him if he was one of the Commanders of the Dragon Legion. Killvearn reveals that he is not very differentiated; she is just a servant. He was happy to see Dai’s real identity. Legion Commanders will soon appear to lure Ms. Dai to hell. Killvearn disappears and leaves to report to the Dark Army Territory.

Dai wondered what Killvearn meant by his identity. Dai didn’t realize that he was a Dragon Knight. Leon asked the old woman about the Dragon Knights. The old woman reveals that Dai is a Dragon Knight from the legend of their homeland, the Kingdom of Teran. Dai asks the old woman about the Dragon Knights and who she is. The old woman revealed that she was Nabara the Seer. Later, Dai met another Dragon Knight who told him to serve him. He wanted Dai’s power to rule the world.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 24 Preview

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