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The first chapter of the Super Dragon Ball Manga, was released in 2015. So far, the manga has released a total of 69 chapters. The manga was written by mangaka from the original Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, and its legal successor, Toyotarou. Even after the first decades of the manga, Dragon Ball continued to increase the hype among fandoms. The Dragon Ball Super manga is set in a timeline after Goku defeats Majin Buu and before the World Martial Arts Tournament. The manga is published by Shueisha on a monthly basis and serialized by Shounen Jump.

The manga so far has six arcs. The sixth and continuous arc begins in chapter 67. It is called Granola The Survivor Saga. This introduces the main character, Granola, who is very strong. This arc so far features Granola, Goku, Beerus, Vegeta, Oatmeel, Jaco, Elec, Whis, Seven-Three, Gas, Maki, Oil, and Zuno.

Super Dragon Ball Manga: Plot So Far

Chapter 69 of the manga is “Evolution of Cereal Planets”.

Planet Cereal and The Wish

This chapter begins with Granola’s return to her home planet, Cereals. This planet is now occupied by Sugarians. Even though they tried to treat him as one of them, he refused to live with them and went to live in the mountains. We were given more insight into the planet Granola. This planet was destroyed forty years ago by Saiyans, led by Bardock. The planet was rebuilt by Heeters and then sold to Sugarian.

Then Granola went to her house where she lived with a Namekian named Monaito. Monaito advises Granola not to go after Freiza because she is not strong yet. Granola, however, argued that he could get stronger if he could use the planet’s Dragon Balls to summon dragons. The only problem is that he can’t do it without having Dragon Balls again. Monaito just comforted him and told him to enjoy life as it is now.

Later, Granola finds out about another Dragon Ball on the news. It was discovered by a boy and kept at an institute for research purposes. Finding an opportunity, Granola sneaks into the facility and steals the Dragon Ball. As planned, he returns to the mountains and summons the Dragon, Toronbo, using the Dragon Ball. He wants to become the strongest warrior in Universe 7.

Planet Beerus

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 70 Spoiler

Brawler, Goku, and Vegeta: Dragon Ball Anime.

On Planet Beerus, Beerus guides Vegeta to learn the techniques used by God Of Destruction. He asked Vegeta about Saiyan history. When Vegeta dodges the question, Beerus tells him to stop clinging to the sins of his race to reveal his true power. Beerus shows off his strength by destroying the decorative planet. In order to provoke Vegeta, he revealed that it was he who triggered the attack on Planet Vegeta. This angered Vegeta, and he attacked Beerus, who dodged him and counterattacked. Vegeta’s armor was destroyed. Vegeta then heard the God of Destruction, tell him that in order to grow stronger, he had to start over because destruction came before creation.

Basic Heeters

Elec learns about the Dragon Balls existence while interrogating Zuno when he looks into the memories of the Galactic Brigade Bridge through Seven-Three.

He remembered about the Namekian race and also thought about Monaito.

The following are spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 70.

DBS: Chapter 70 Spoiler Damage

The title of the next chapter is ‘The Greatest Warrior In the Universe.’ Granola wishes Dragon to be the strongest warrior in Universe 7. Dragon replies that he cannot increase one’s strength beyond his potential. Also, he may be the strongest, but the Gods will surpass his strength. The only way he could grant Granola’s wish was under certain conditions. Whatever the circumstances, Granola agrees. He turned into a strong form after the Dragon disappeared. Granola’s hair grew bigger like her Super Saiyan 3 form, but she cut it off afterward. He showed off his new power by picking up a large rock.

When the dragon heard Granola’s wish, he told Granola that he couldn’t make him the strongest warrior in the universe. That desire failed. Instead, he suggested that Granola’s current strength would double, however, it had a price. There will be a lot of casualties on Granola’s body. As Granola agreed, he was getting a real surge of power. Granola asks Dragon how much life is left for him now. Dragon replied, Granola will only live for 3 years.

Vegeta continues training with Beerus. He had started to learn Hakai and started to make it happen. Beerus steps forward to tell him that, unlike Kiai, Hakai not only means the destruction of something but also removes it completely from existence. Vegeta continues to train and manages to destroy a small rock. He now decided to train hard using his technique on a larger object. Seeing Vegeta’s growth, Goku felt the need to get stronger too.

The oracle fish announced that the strongest warrior had appeared. However, it was not disclosed who this warrior was. Whis had watched the Granola ship speeding through space, he said, ‘this could be a problem.’ This chapter ends with Granola heading for Frieza for revenge.

From preview for Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 71, it is also confirmed that Goku and Granola will clash in the chapter. When Granola reaches Frieza for revenge, Goku heads to Granola in search of a strong opponent. Granola’s Failed Desire and Goku’s Ultra Instinct will clash in Chapter 71.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 70 Spoiler

Goku’s Ultra Instinct: Dragon Ball Anime.

Dragon Ball Super Manga: Chapter 70 – Release Date

Chapter 70 of Dragon Ball Super is scheduled for release on March 19 at midnight JST, a month after the release of the previous chapter. This chapter will be published by Shueisha and will be available on Viz.

Highlights and Analysis

The upcoming chapter will be quite interesting. Granola’s wish has brought quite interesting changes in the manga’s events. Also, the dragon suggested that God could surpass him. So, this means Granola won’t be the strongest warrior forever. He too can be surpassed. So, even though he is the strongest warrior now, Goku can still train even harder and surpass him.

However, it was this mysterious condition that hit the hardest when it passed the spoilers. Granola gave up most of its life so that the dragon could double its strength. It made him even stronger, and he was able to show that surge. Despite all that, Frieza and Goku are powerful creatures. We’ve got confirmation that Goku will activate Ultra Instinct to fight Granola. This meant that Granola already had a great deal of power within him and that desire made him even worse. We still need to know more about this power. The clash between Goku and Granola is highly anticipated.

The new chapter opens further paths for new plots. The arc ends up getting even more interesting, and there is nothing more than more compelling plot and theory to expect from it. Check out the manga on Viz to keep updating yourself with the manga.

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