Dragon Ball 40th Anniversary: ​​DRAGON BALL Super Gallery Project (Article ready)


Dragon Ball is undeniably one of the greatest franchises ever. It has had a tremendous impact on the anime industry as well as on the hearts of many children and adults alike. Franchises know how to celebrate manga birthdays with all their might. For its 20th anniversary, the event was celebrated for fifteen days (July 16, 2005 to August 31, 2005) in Tokyo. Once again, in the following decade, the 30th anniversary of manga is celebrated with the release of releasing Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Special Manga, featuring Akira Toriyama as Robotoriyama. With the next big warning approaching, Dragon Ball had already started preparing for it. Dragon Ball’s 40th anniversary will be another blast it seems from the initial preparations for the big day. Even though it’s still three years away, we already know that there’s a lot to look forward to on that auspicious day.

Dragon Ball is the Shonen Jump part of the big four. The manga is written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. Launched in 1984, and by 1995, the manga ended with over 500 chapters organized into 42 volumes. The television show Dragon Ball became a huge hut to this day with fans still praising the fun in it. A spin-off manga, Dragon Ball Super, was also released, which also received an anime adaptation. Dragon Ball is adored in the anime and manga community, and I’m sure everyone is anticipating to find out what surprises Dragon Ball’s 40th anniversary will bring them!

Here’s everything we know about the event so far.

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Dragon Ball 40th Anniversary

The anniversary will celebrate the 4th decade since the Dragon Ball manga launched. Of course, this is great news for Dragon Ball fans around the world. The Dragon Ball manga relaunched in December 1984. The manga will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2024. Is it too early to talk about the event? Well, not so much because the franchise has a great way of commemorating Dragon Ball’s 40th anniversary.

To celebrate the manga’s 40th anniversary, the Super DRAGON BALL Gallery Project is underway. This gallery will feature different covers from the 42 volumes of the Dragon Ball manga but redesigned by a different mangaka. The event will officially start on August 4. A different mangaka will randomly select a Dragon Ball volume and recreate the volume cover. This remade cover will be featured in the monthly issue of Saikyo Jump. This will continue for the next 42 months until November 2024.


Dragon Ball Z.

There has been no announcement about which mangaka will take part in the event. However, according to popular rumors, Hajime Isayama (Attack on Titans), Eiichiro Oda (One piece), Yusuke Murata (One Punch Man), and Tite Kubo (Bleach) may be a part of this great event. The mangaka will use their own art style to redraw the Dragon Ball cover. The only participant revealed so far is Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto).

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Masashi Kishimoto For Dragon Ball 40th Anniversary

Celebrating the upcoming anniversary of Dragon Ball, Masashi Kishimoto is taking the first steps of the DRAGON BALL Super Gallery Project. On July 19, 2021, it was revealed that Masashi Kishimoto had redesigned the cover for the manga’s 11th volume. Fans of both franchises fell in love with Kishimoto’s art.

The gallery of various mangaka who have come together to celebrate one of these most beloved mangas will make for a spectacular watch. We look forward to watching different mangaka express Goku and his journey in their own way through their art.

About Dragon Ball

Bulma collects “Dragon Balls” to wish her the perfect boyfriend. In his search, he finds Son Goku, a boy who lives in the forest alone. He had the Dragon Ball, but he refused to give it to her. So, Bulma made a deal with him. He could come with her along with the Dragon Ball.

However, there are many others in the famous Dragon Ball quest who can fulfill any wish.

You can read manga at That is Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus App.

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