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Chrome save operation has started after Steam Gorilla has finished. Senku reveals that they will first destroy Chrome’s bamboo prison with the strengthened Steam Gorilla. Then they run after catching Chrome, and he says that’s all. Suika comments that it sounds simple. Gen said that if they found out about their plan, they would have a chance to prepare. Steam Gorilla is disposable, disposable, and Senku has no trouble taking things off.

Saseki was disappointed that their adorable Steam Gorilla would turn into trash. Kohaku said they had to hurry because he knew that Chrome might come out of his mouth out of fear. Meanwhile, Tsukasa is talking to his allies about what Senku will do with his crew. He believes that Senku will use Scince’s power to save Chrome. Tsukasa thought Senku would use steam engine bombardment.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 7 will be released on Thursday, February 25, 2021, 10:30 JST. Dr. Stones can be streamed to various official streaming platforms; You can stream it AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

Dr.  Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Previously in Episode 6

Yo Uei thinks that he’s strong enough to stop Senku. Minami comments that she knows Uei well since she won the baton martial arts competition category. He thought he was a strong officer. Tsukasa orders Uei to manage the prison and traps around him. Uei commented that it was really easy; she can leave everything to him. He also said that he would use Chrome as bait to take down Senku and his allies.

Chrome saw that it was dangerous for Senku to get here. He had noticed that Tsukasa knew a lot about Senku. The traps they set would probably catch Senku and the others. Chrome decided to run away before Senku and the others came to his aid. He decided to use the knowledge he learned from Senku to find a way out. Chrome looks like he’s just boasting without a plan. He was starting to wonder how he would get out.

Prison Boss

Chrome realizes that all of his knowledge was taken away when he was caught. He did something stupid and picked up a small rock, trying to dig his way out. He couldn’t even break the rope that tied the prison gates. One of the muscular men gave him a scary look, and he pretended like he was whistling. Chrome realized that wouldn’t work and asked himself what Senku would do in this situation. While trying to think of something, he heard a man screaming.

When he looked outside, he saw Uei sending a muscular man flying to laze around. The muscular man apologizes, and he tells her they are good. Uei remembers when he used to be a police officer. He was suspended for killing criminals the whole time. When he caught criminals, he would first beat them up, and if they tried to fight or run, they would be shot. Chrome saw it all and thought that Uei was the boss type of prison.

Chrome thought that it would be bad for him if he tried to run away and got caught. He did not know that all of them were acts to scare him so he would not even think about running away. Uei continued his terrifying conversation. Chrome listens and thinks Uei is bad news. The muscular man said that Chrome listened to Uei’s plan, and Uei said it was fine. He comments that Chrome can’t communicate with Senku, and he’s just primitive.

Dr.  Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Escape from prison

Chrome starts off on a prison escape mission to show Uei that he’s not too weak. He comments to himself that they will keep an eye on him as he runs away with his science. She pretends she can’t help it and makes a fool of the stupid man who falls for her. The man went with her to the forest to answer nature’s call. Chrome asks if he should do it in front of them. One of them yells at him that he can go a little far.

Chrome takes his time and collects material that will help him escape. The people went with him back, but they didn’t notice anything. At night, Chrome lights a fire, and Uei arrives on time and stops him. He laughs at Chrome’s knowledge that he uses twigs and sticks to burn. Chrome Uei’s comments shouldn’t underestimate the power of science. In the morning, Uei finds the prison gates broken. Their traps are also destroyed, and she can’t believe Chrome tricked her.

They started to chase Chrome, and Uei managed to catghtupwithChrome. He asked Chrome to choose between being beaten and returning to prison. Chrome manages to outsmart Uei and hit the ball with a stick, then runs away. Kohaku saw Chrome walking in the forest and informed Senku and the others. Kohaku left, and came back with Chrome and everyone happy for him. Steam Gorilla will not be destroyed.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 7 Preview

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