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The battle between the Science Kingdom and the Tsukasa Empire had begun. Ukyo guards Tsukasa and Hyoga’s movements. The duo return and spear Ukyo, who had warned Senku about them. Tsukasa and Hyoga challenge Senku. Senku refuses to sacrifice himself and decides that he will fight using the power of knowledge with his crew. He heads to the cave of magic when the crew gives him time to conduct experiments.

Kohaku clashed with Hyoga, and the rest tried to stop Tsukasa from reaching the cave. In the cave, Senku and General. They made something that Senku will reveal later. He asked Gen to put snake and lizard droppings in nitric acid. Senku realized that something was missing to complete his experiment. He told Gen that they did not have sulfuric acid. He asked Gen if he had it, and Gen said he couldn’t carry the dangerous item.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Episode 10 will be released on Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. Crunchyroll and Anime-Planet. Let’s move on to combat development below.

Previously at Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 9

Chrome guarded the path to the cave of magic, and he thought of something. Senku and Gen are waiting for a miracle to finish their experiment. On the battlefield, Tsukasa dominates the Kingdom of Scince. He is impressed by the moves of Ginro, Kinro, Nikki, and Magma. He decided that he wouldn’t kill them because they were strong. They are worthy of being the soldiers of his future. He started knocking them out one by one without killing them.

Dr.  Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2


The two of them hit a tree, and Tsukasa’s allies were happy that he defeated Senku’s crew with ease. But Kohaku and Taiju were still standing tall. Kohaku exchanged blows with Hyoga who told him about Senku’s extraordinary skills. He reveals that his name is not to beat him. He was buying time for Senku to finish his experiment. Back in the miracle cave, Senku put glycerin soap into the nitric acid. He revealed that it was the first soap he showed Tsukasa.

In his first fight with Tsukasa, Senku uses soap to fight Tsukasa. She tells Gen that their battle started with soap, it will end with soap. Chrome managed to find the sulfuric acid they were looking for. Gen asked where he found sulfuric acid. Chrome reveals that was what was left when they attacked the Tsukasa Empire to start a battle. Senku mixed the sulfuric acid with nitric acid. He reveals that if everyone breathes, everything will become kaboom.

Gen asked if he planned to make everyone leave, and Senku said no. Senku reveals that he has created Nitroglycerin. On the battlefield, Kohaku told Hyoga that he was going to do a battle of revenge. But his fight with Hyoga ended in a draw. Tsukasa heads to the cave of magic, and Taiju blocks his path. He told Tsukasa that nothing would get in the way of Senku. Suddenly Tsukasa saw something flying above the sky.

Dynamite Paper Airplanes

The flying paper hit the tree, and everything started to explode. Senku, Gen, and Chrome come out of the cave of magic. Gen comments that they have won the fight. Tsukasa’s soldiers threw away their weapons after seeing the damage from the explosion. Senku reveals that he has created a dynamite paper airplane. Tsukasa’s crew gave up on realizing that the dynamite was dangerous and that they could be killed.

Dr.  Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Hyoga was impressed by Senku’s scientific creations. Tsukasa realized that Senku wanted to negotiate; he was not looking for a battle. If he seeks combat, he will blow everyone away. Tsukasa asked Senku to tell him his offer. Senku reveals that he wants a truce and reminds Tsukasa about his sister Mirai. Tsukasa realizes that he is fighting for his sister Mirai. Tsukasa is an MMA fighter who fights for Mirai’s life.

Mirai needed money for the operation, but Tsukasa was poor. He decided to join MMA to make money for his sister. But all of them were retrieved in the blink of an eye. Senku promised Tsukasa that he would use the power of science to bring his younger brother back to life. Tsukasa agreed, and the battle was over, and he was glad he would meet his sister again. They both head to where the hospital is located to find Mirai.

The crew is happy that the power of science has won the battle. They were impressed that Tsukasa was not a bad person. He does everything for his sister. They arrived at where the hospital was, and Tsukasa pointed to where his sister was. Senku told everyone to start digging, looking for all the buildings exposed to the light. The crew helps each other to dig. But Tsukasa managed to find a stone statue of his brother. He shed tears so that his dream would come true.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 10 Preview

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