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Francois hides while Suika thinks Stanley’s gang has seen her. They used Ginro and Mistukaze as their bait. One of the henchmen had Suka freeze up, but he decided to run away. He commented that he believed that freezing was when water turned to ice. Suika says she can’t let the gang catch her as the mission will fail. Francois realizes that Suika, Ginro, and Mistukaze have no knowledge of the 21st in battle because they don’t know that freezing warned them not to move.

Stanley’s gang is surprised why Suika didn’t stop because they told her to freeze up. They realized that Suika was planning to return to the base and warned Senku that the enemy had arrived. Suika started rolling over using her mask. Stanley’s gang starts to chase him, and they get lost because he’s good at hiding. Francois noticed that he only had a knife as a weapon against which to fight. The gang cornered Suika and aimed it with a machine gun.

Dr. Stone Chapter 187 will be available this Sunday, February 28, 2021. Dr. Manga The newest Stone chapter is available on Sundays at Viz. New updates will be added once the newest chapter is officially released on their official platform VIZ Media and Manga plus Shueisha. Those who missed the last chapter update, see here: Dr. Stone Chapter 186.

Previously on Dr. Stone Chapter 186

One of them ordered Suika to be shot. Francois throws the knife, realizing it’s a do-or-die situation. Mitsukaze looked at the knife and realized that he had to use it to untie it. Francois was glad Mitsukaze would do something about his knife because he risked training his life to react to projectiles instinctively. Mitsukaze jumped up and caught the knife while his hands were tied.

As he catches the knife, he also kicks Stanley’s accomplice with a backflip. She untied herself quickly, and Ginro was surprised to witness the skills Mitsukaze used. With one motion, he also let go of Ginro, who thought the knife would cut through his stomach. Mitsukaze told Ginro that he left everything in his hands. Ginro was terrified, thinking that they would shoot him. Stanley’s gang notices the knife and starts reacting as they focus on Suika.

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone


They wonder how their rope was untied so quickly because they didn’t see it happen. Mitsukaze leaves Ginro, who complains that he should have left her tied up. A terrified Ginro picks up a large piece of wood and starts fighting Stanley’s gang. He comments that he won’t let Suika face death. Mitsukaze smiled from a distance realizing that he had left behind a capable person who could do the right thing. Ginro realized that his training had not been in vain since he started out as a village guard.

One of the strong minions blew smoke towards Ginro and pinned Ginro to the ground. Ginro wondered how he was caught and tied up again. Francois notices that the person who brought Ginro down was Stanley. He realized that it was Stanley vs. Ginro, and that’s why Ginro couldn’t move for a second. Francois wondered why a strong man like Stanley didn’t shoot. Mitsukaze is also arrested and beaten, and Francois thinks Stanley’s gang is not a cold-blooded killer.

If so, they would shoot Ginro and Mitsukaze for trying to escape. Francois deduces that Stanley’s gang is just an army, not a cold-blooded killer. He decided to take action to see if they would release them. Francois came out in the open screaming that they were civilians. Stanley looks at Francois, who points to Suika that he is a civilian doctor. Francois realizes that Suika is helping one of Stanley’s gang who has been bitten by a spider.

Enemy Locations

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

He commented that Dr. Suika treats a patient whose poison spider bites. Francois said that Dr. Suika just ran away from Senku, and if they doubt it, they can search Dr. Suika. Suika realizes that Francois is stating the facts, and he cannot be arrested. Francois said they had no connection with the Senku combat unit, and they meant no harm. They’re ready to do whatever Stanley’s gang asks.

Francois said he would be surprised if they executed them because he was telling the truth. Suika was worried that she’d messed up, and they couldn’t tell anyone that Stanley was on his way. Francois comments that they have given up, but Stanley’s gang isn’t sure. They tie everything up, and they realize that the one named Francois sent a transmission before they caught them. Francois thought he was doing the right thing.

At Senku headquarters, they see the transmission, and Kohaku asks if something has happened to Suika and Francois. Senku comments that Suika and Francois have met with Stanley’s gang. Ryusui realized that Francois gave his position a way to send the message to them. Senku said it was a wise move for Francois because he gave them enemy positions. He was glad that they had found the enemy’s position first, and it was time for them to do something about it.

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