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Here, we’re going to talk about DOTA: Dragon’s Blood release date and every other detail there is to know about it. This is an upcoming American animated fantasy streaming series. Ashly Miller created this series for Netflix. Netflix is ​​one of the producers of the series, along with American video game development company Valve. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is based on the video game franchise Dota by Valve. The first season of the series will feature Dota 2 gameplay and storytelling. Netflix announced the series in February 2021. Animations for the series are provided by Studio Mir. This is a South Korean animation studio working on animation in South Korea and the United States.

The series will have a total of eight episodes, each about 20 minutes long. The series was produced for two and a half years. Fans look forward to their favorite characters with some great animation, voice acting, and music. The series will be voiced in twelve languages, English, Russian, Japanese, Filipino, Thai, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish (Neutral), Spanish (Castilian), French, German, and Italian. Additionally, the series will be available in 30 different languages ​​for subtitles.

What is Dota 2?

DotaA 2

It is a multiplayer online battle arena video game and a sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DotA). The game is played in matches between two teams of five players. Each team occupies and defends its separate base on the map. Each player must independently control a strong character, known as a “hero”. Heroes have all unique abilities and differ from the style of play.

A critic from Metacritic called the game one of the greatest video games of all time. It won the IGN People Choice Awards in 2011. Also, in December 2012, the game was listed as a nominee for their Game of the Year award and best escort game of the year by PC Gamer. Dota 2 won the best escort award from PC Gamer.

Plot Series:

DOTA Dragon Blood Release Date

This is a fantasy series following the story of Davion. He is a famous Dragon Knight dedicated to exterminating scourges from all over the world. Along his journey, he will come across a powerful and ancient eldwurm and a noble however, Princess Mirana. Mirana is on a secret mission of her own. Also, the ancient eldwurm was Slyrak, a dragon. As he becomes increasingly involved with Mirana and the eldwurm, Davion finds himself in the middle of a dangerous event much bigger than he ever thought.

As a dragon slayer, Davion has been looking for Slyrak for years. However, their meeting disappointed him because Slyark was not what Davion imagined. The ancient dragon was not weak, its wings were tattered, and only a few scales remained. Besides, his acid fire was no more threatening than a pack of wet matches. Seeing that there was no honor in slaying a weak dragon, Davion decided to leave him and let him die in peace. However, he heard a voice in his head and realized that it was Slyrak. The dragon wanted the dragon slayer to honor the house with death in battle.

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Voice Cast Members:

For the English version, this series stars Yuri Lowenthal as Davion. In addition, the series stars Josh Keaton as Bram, Lara Pulver as Putri Mirana, Tony Todd as Slyrak the Ember Eldwurm, Troy Baker as Invoker, Kari Wahlgren as Luna, Alix Wilton Regan as Selemene, Stephanie Jacobsen as Drysi, Anson Mount as Kaden, and JB Blanc as Terrorblade.


DOTA: Dragon Blood Release Date and Streaming Details:

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will be released on March 25, 2021. Given the popularity of the show, there’s a good chance Netflix will update the series for a second season as soon as it is released. You can stream the series on the official website Netflix. Currently, there is no other streaming website on which this series will be available.

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