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Splitting is always painful and affects a person in ways that one could not even think of. And dealing with this becomes very difficult when you have fans supporting you. Mike Majlak and Lana Rhodes have been in this phase for a few months now. It happened constantly in their relationship. But they finally stopped now. The fans realized the problems between the couple. But they still have questions whether Mike Majlak broke up with Lana. Although fans have had some speculation about the problems with the couple. The news of their breath is still a shock to all fans.

Lana Rohdes, an American adult film actress, is in a relationship with Mike Majlak who is an internet celebrity. The two started dating in Jan 2020. The couple had many ups and downs on their journey. And the reason the two met in the first place was Logan. Sources claim that it was Logan who helped the two meet. But how and where they first met is still a secret.

Not more than a week ago, Lana Rohdes posted on her Instagram that she and Mike are no longer a couple. The news of their breakup had leaked a few days before Lana posted about it but at that time neither of the two had commented on the same. They had broken the previous p in October 2020 but are finally back together. But this time it doesn’t seem like it’s happening again.

Mike Majlak breaks up with Lana

Photo of Mic Majlek and Lana Rohdes

In one of the most recent episodes of The Night Shift which is Mike’s own podcast. He comments on the situation saying that his relationship with Lana has ended and he is no longer dating her. They had broken up and this was unlike any other breakup that they had. He said that they don’t even talk to each other and they have blocked each other on all the platforms they used to connect to.

He also revealed that the reason for their breakup was a matter of incompatibility and that it was best for them to separate at this point before things got too messy. And they can have the opportunity to develop strong feelings for each other. He also mentioned that he had blocked Lana on all the platforms they used to talk to because that would help them continue. Or they will start coming back to each other again and again making things more complicated.

Mike Majlak breaks up with Lana

Photo of Mike and Lana dating

But even after breaking up, Mike had no hard feelings for Lens. He says he still loves her and he is a wonderful person. And all the time they were dating, he always greeted her. And he hopes that they can be friends in the future. He also added that Lanan will appear in the next episode of The Night Shift with Adin Ross and Corrina Kopf even though the two have now broken up. Like, can’t bring himself to delete the video. Because he doesn’t want to put out the content because of his personal problems. He didn’t want this to affect his work.

This is the first time Mike has spoken about his relationship with the audience. And he mentioned the reasons behind the break up of him and Lana. But this might be the last time we hear anything about Lana from him. At the moment the problem seems quite serious and because they have decided not to get back together again. He talked about Lana looks like it won’t happen any time soon. But there is still a possibility that fans will be able to see them together in one of the upcoming episodes. Because they still want to be friends with each other.

The news of the breakup of this couple was both very sad and shocked his fans. Although divisions seemed inevitable, fans still hope they can overcome this.

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