Did Jules and Saud Break Up or Are They Still Together?

Jules & Sayd, yes the Youtuber couple, are they still together? Or are they separate? What’s the motive for their latest YouTube video? Is that just clickbait? Or any breakup that happened for real? Fans have gotten very confused and are looking here and there for the answer to this question and we would like to congratulate all of you who have reached this site looking for this question as all your doubts and confusion will be cleared in this post. because we’ve answered every question in depth that you should know as a fan.

The pair remain the talk of the town due to clickbait and controversial titles that really grab attention and at times have been a problem for them but even after all this, they keep their fans entertained to the next level and never leave a chance. complaints by regularly making really entertaining high quality videos and because of that, they have garnered millions of fans who regularly watch their videos and don’t miss a single one of their videos. Now, we want to share all the major updates about this couple.

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Did Jules and Saud Break Up?

The Very Famous American YouTuber Couple Jules & Saud

A Peek About Jules and Saud’s Journey

Julia and Saud both started their careers making videos on the very popular short video making app Musically which was later given the title TikTok. The two of them meet for the first time when Julia asks Saud to collaborate on Musically. Saud curiously accepted his offer and later, their first collaboration was released on Julia’s account. After that, they both exchange their numbers and after much flirting and exchanging gifts, Saud flies to Julia and they meet for the first time physically at the airport and at first sight alone, they both fall in love with each other.

They started their YouTube channel in 2016 and since then, there has been no turning back for either. They share amazing vlogs, amazing jokes and some challenging videos on their YouTube channel and have 2.6 million subscribers on their YouTube channel till now. They have garnered consistent fans who watch all their videos and never miss a single video from their channel. As of now both have done very well both personally and professionally and their current journey is on a very good track.

Did Jules and Saud Break Up?

Hickey Prank On Jules By Saud Uploading On Their YouTube Channel “Jules & Saud”

Did Jules and Saud Break Up?

The most asked questions about this couple till now are spreading like wildfire in the jungle but we have come to sprinkle water on them and to dispel all rumors and present the truth from you. We want to clarify to everyone that, Jules and Saud haven’t broken up and the two of them remain together even today. It was their old video that went viral under the title “She Broke Up With Me” and even that title was just clickbait and in fact, the two of them are still together.

We hope it is clear to all fans that this is just a false rumor and that no separation has occurred between Jules and Saud. They are happy and together and will continue to upload daily vlogs, jokes and various challenges on their channel. Also, Saud hinted in one of his recent videos that he plans to propose to Jules soon and as soon as this happens we will update him on this site. The fans of this couple are increasing day by day and more and more people are involved with their content.

These are some of the key details about the YouTuber couple Jules and Saud, whatever all the fans of this couple are looking for about them, we hope, we’ve shared all of that in this post and for further updates like this stay tuned to the site.

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