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Hailee Steinfeld is poised to shine on television screens for years to come. Let it debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the upcoming Disney Plus Series Hawkeye or Apple TV plus the Dickinson drama. Our final episode saw Emily Dickinson finally take a step forward and publish her poetry. But when she runs into one of Austin’s friends at the tea party, nothing goes according to plan. Created by Alena Smith, Dickinson brings us back to the life of the great poet Emily Dickinson with a modern twist to her story. The series is currently in its second season covering 9 episodes so far. Here we take a look at what we can expect from the upcoming episode 10 of Dickinson Season 2.

Dickinson follows the story of writer Emily Dickinson who discovered human life in her time. The show shared his perspective on society, gender and family. A world that wasn’t quite what he imagined. So, let’s start by looking at what happened in Dickinson season 2 episode ninth entitled “I like a look of Agony”. Then we will see what we can expect from the 10th episode.

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Recap: Dickinson Season 2 Episode 9 “I love the look of Agony”

This episode begins to focus on two tea parties hosted by Emily’s mother. The first tea party was the Edward Investors Meeting. The other is a college reunion. The episode opens with an argument between Edward and his son Austin. The problem was Edward’s decision to invest in Sam Bowel Newspaper. The decision certainly didn’t go well with Austin. He believes that his father still treats him like a child. The argument between father and son ends with Edward mocking Austin. She calls him a failure and makes fun of the carefree life he is leading.

What To Expect From Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10?

Still From Dickinson Season 2 Episode 9

Before the fighting continued, Sam Bowles arrived with good news and a plan. He spoke of John Brown’s rebellion at Harper’s Ferry and insisted on taking advantage of the situation. While Edward and Bowles discussed it, Austin left. As Austin leaves home, he meets Henry, who has been a longtime supporter of Henry Brown. Now, John Brown’s rebellion is in progress, his life is in danger. He said his final goodbye to Austin before leaving.

Tea Party

What To Expect From Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10?

Still From Dickinson Season 2 Episode 9

After a conversation with Henry, Austin gathered his friends to discuss the civil war. He believes this may be the last time they see each other as they can’t tell the consequences of war. Emily’s mother began playing the role of the perfect hostess. This group discusses current events with the newspaper group. Some agree to disagree with this idea. They try to avoid talking about war by remembering their college days. Finally, Austin tried to pour out his impactful thoughts after he parted ways with Henry.

On the other hand, Emily Senior feels underappreciated who believes that if she can find a way to serve two tea parties, America can also find a way to keep the country together. After his statement had an impact on Ship, he made up again with Lavinia regardless of what war might do to them.

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Emily’s Vision and Austin Realization

After all this, we finally saw Emily come down from her bedroom. The moments from last night still haunted him when he saw Sue with Sam. He tries to find Austin as fast as he can and accidentally finds Frazar Stearns. Emily tells him about the vision of his death and how he is a nobody. She tries to warn him but Frazar on the other hand is more terrified than ever.

What To Expect From Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10?

Still From Dickinson Season 2 Episode 9

Finally, Emily meets Austin and tells him about Sue and Sam’s affair. To his surprise, Austin had known about them for weeks until Emily revealed a darker truth. She tells him that Sue had a miscarriage. Truth destroys Austin and reminisces about the things his father said at first. He believed his father was right and he failed. Emily shows him around and helps him keep things together.

On the other hand, Sam’s wife had an awkward chat with Sue. She immediately told Sue that she had found out about her affair with her husband. Finally, Sue opened it. Frazer on the other hand told Emily a way to get her poetry back from the editor. He praised his poetry but did not wish to be published more. Even Emily admits that fame is not good for her.

Preview: Dickinson Season 2, Episode 10

The tenth episode of the drama Apple TV Plus Dickinson Season 2 will be released February 26, 2021, on the OTT platform. With the title, “You Can’t Put Out the Fire,” this episode will feature a number of clashes. All the dramas that have been built for the second season will end.

What To Expect From Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10?

Still From Dickinson Season 2 Episode 9

First, we might look at the fight between Sam and Emily. Following Frazer’s advice, Emily was determined to take her poetry back from the editor. Second, Sam and Sue’s relationship is open to Sam’s wife. Sam is currently in a very bad position on both sides. The principled and honest person he described in the early episodes turned out to be a fake. Whether dealing with Emily for poetry or with his wife. Everything will be sorted. In addition, Austin’s actions after learning of Sue’s miscarriage are also something to look forward to. We’ll also find out if Ship’s heart will break again. All in the upcoming 10th episode of Dickinson Season 2.

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