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Netflix recently released a one-minute teaser video so we can take a peek at Punchnama’s next kid’s venture, Dhamaka. We’ll see Kartik Aaryan in a very new and different avatar – in total contradiction about the kind of role he’s portrayed so far. This takes us into a world of unconventional and functioning news channels. Kartik Aaryan is reviewing the role of Arjun Pathak, a prime-time news anchor. Her life takes an unexpected turn when a frustrated former news anchor has to revive her role when a terrorist calls her on a bomb threat.


Kartik Aaryan

This film will take us on an unusual journey where Arjun, his choice, and his conscience are. As the teaser started, we saw him screaming and angrily pleading with the crew to turn off all the cameras in the studio. He became nauseous and vomited violently. In fact, he was supposed to deliver news and reports about the mysterious bomb explosion in real-time. His boss, Amruta Subhash continued to motivate him and make him understand that no matter what happens, the show must go on. Even though she kept saying that she wouldn’t be able to do it, Amruta left no stone unturned to help her calm down.

Arjun was supposed to be live. Amruta said that since she was the one who started the show, it had to end just from what she meant. Despite all the odds and whatever he’s been feeling lately, Arjun has managed to get on with his work. But before the live broadcast, he kept shouting the line “whatever I’m going to say is the truth.” Once he found his composure, he immediately came to life and got on with what he was supposed to be doing. But what is it? True or hidden truth?


Kartik Aaryan as Arjun Pathak

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What does The Trailer reveal?

In the video, Arjun Pathak is seen struggling to regain his senses. He is caught in a strange situation where he is trapped and doesn’t want to record the news for the day. Arjun is caught in a dilemma where he is bound to make a decision, or rather a choice between his career and the humanist in him. He shrank his conscience and couldn’t stand the situation during the new live video that takes place immediately after the deadly bomb blast. The events in his life throw him into fast-paced mind games about inhuman treason.

What did the main hero and director Dhamaka say?

Kartik Aaryan, the film’s main character expressed his excitement about the upcoming project and said that it was his journey Dhamaka has greatly enriched himself as an actor. Working with a maverick like Ram Madhvani has allowed him to explore and showcase new aspects of his personality, which have remained hidden until recently. Since the film is slated for an OTT release, he is excited that it can reach audiences around the world.

Ram Madhvani, the director of this film really likes its main hero. He is excited to include Kartik Aaryan in the upcoming vent. He had been wanting to collaborate with him for a number of years. And Kartik’s wish to be a part of it Dhamaka lure him in. Further talking about his dedication to the script, Ram said that from the beginning Kartik was fully involved. His proper calibration and passion as an actor is something he deeply respects. He hopes to collaborate with him in the near future as he has made his job better and better.


Kartik Aaryan

Dhamaka Release Date

Starring Kartik Aaryan, Mrunal Thakur, Amruta Subhash, Vikas Kumar, and Vishwajeet Pradhan, this film is the official remake of a South Korean film. Live Terror released in 2014. Once post-production is complete, the film will be released live on the online streaming platform Netflix. Dhamaka is slated for release in late 2021. Originally planned for a theatrical release, the makers later decided to skip it due to the ongoing global pandemic.

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