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Apple TV +, despite its limited catalog, will come with some out-of-the-box originals. Enough enough for the audience to enjoy the OTT room. The defense of Jacob was a genuine one. Mark Bomback created a mini-series based on the 2012 novel of the same name by William Landay. Starring Chris Evans on the show was enough for Apple TV + to grab early attention. Let the story be another reason to shake the audience. The series went on to receive a lot of praise, especially for the appearance of the cast. Despite the issues with length and pacing, the show brings a huge emotional load to the story.

Defending Jacob tells the story of the Barber Family, whose 14-year-old son is accused of murder. So, find themselves in need of help. Last year’s show didn’t provide many answers. It has fans wondering if Apple TV + is interested in bringing the show back for another broadcast. So, extend the storyline. So, here we are, taking a look at the show and finding out if Defender Jacob is coming to run next season. Even if we don’t, we’ll theorize what we can expect from him.

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Is Defending Jacob Season 2 Happening?

To be clear, Defending Jacob is a mini-series, as stated by the show’s creators in the past when it debuted. So the short answer is “No” for now. Not much is left behind, and overall the show covers every point needed from Willaim Landay’s book in its first season. Of course, the show’s ending might be better than the book, but still, it requires an answer. Especially with Jacob still alive and in a coma rethinking his life.

Will "Defending Jacob" Extended for Season Two?

Still From Apple TV + The Crime Drama Defending Jacob

To be honest, Apple TV + usually pays attention to the success of the show and updates it right away. In some cases, even before the debut of other seasons – for example, Apple TV + Servant. The show’s third season was announced before the second even debuted. Looking to Defend Jacob now. It’s been a year since the show ended – still, no word from the OTT platform yet. So event updates are very unlikely. As said on debut, this is a mini-series after all.

The only reason Apple TV + might bring the show back is its popularity. This can cause the creator to take some drastic measures. Come up with an original narrative or introduce a whole new case if they don’t want to extend the story.

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What Happened in Advancing Jacob’s Defense?

The final section of Defending Jacob looks at the uncertain dismissal of Jacob’s case. There is no judgment whether he actually committed the murder or not. The finals are focused on the Barber family seeing their troubled past until another tragic accident befalls them. The episode ends with Jacob and Laurie being hospitalized, with Laurie injured and Jacob in a coma. The last moments see Jacob look at Andy’s life and realize what he needs to do.

When Defending Jacob Returns, What Can We Expect?

If there’s somehow a slight chance of Apple TV + taking a shot at the show, we might see the makers broaden the story. Perhaps Jacob’s realization at the end of the first season gave him a motive to help himself and not give up. Another plot could be that she literally comes out of a coma and embraces a new life leaving the past behind. Well, it won’t be easy. Going to college, always looked at with suspicion. So it makes for a compelling storyline telling the struggle of an “innocent or innocent” child to readjust into society.

Will "Defending Jacob" Extended for Season Two?

Still From Apple TV + The Crime Drama Defending Jacob

On the other hand, Apple TV + can also pull off a story altogether. This might bring up a new case with a new cast and tell a new story at the same time. Of course, similar to Jacob, where the defenders really need help after accusations are leveled against them.

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The Cast We Can Expect If The Story Was Extended

Will "Defending Jacob" Extended for Season Two?

Still From Apple TV + The Crime Drama Defending Jacob

Of course, we can expect a number of big names if Apple TV + intends to extend the show. Let’s start with the Barber family, which may include a major attraction as in Chris Evans reprising his role as Andy Barber. Joining Chris could be Michelle Dockery as Laurie Barber, Jaeden Martell as Jacob Barber, and of course JK Simmons as William “Bloody Billy” Barber.

Other cast members who could join the extended storyline include Cherry Jones as Joanna Klein, Betty Gabriel as Pam Duffy, Pablo Schreiber as Neal Logiudice, and finally, Sakina Jaffrey as Lynn Canavan.

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