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Justice P Lange is back with a horror film this time and the name of the film is The Seventh Day. Recently, a trailer has been released from the film and it is quite interesting to watch because many viewers of the trailer appreciate it. The Seventh Day begins Guy Pearce and Vadhir Derbez as the film’s leading roles. Set in more of a mystical tone as seen from the trailer, it covers the story of a pastor starting with his first day of training.

Things go to a place when the pastor who has been practicing his work goes wrong when things start to go awry. Evil and good things started to combine and there we saw something demon appearing. Now, it will be interesting to see in the film that because of whom this deadly combination will cause a nightmare to occur. This question will only be answered when you are going to watch the film, you will definitely enjoy horror for those who like to watch horror movies.

Director Justin P Lange The Seventh Day

Director Justin P Lange The Seventh Day

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Cast & Plot Details

The Seventh Day has great actors such as Guy Pearce as Pastor Peter, who will play the role of the pastor who has the main role behind all the chaos that occurs in the film, Vadhir Derbez as Pastor Daniel, Keth David as Pastor Louis, Robin Bartlett as Helen, Hannah Aline as Mrs. Miller, Heath Freeman as Mr. Miller, Chris Galust as Father Peter, Major Dodge as Mr. Giroux, Tristan Riggs as Nicholas Miller, Brady Jenness as Charlie Giroux, James Healey as Forensic Psychologist, Stephen Lang and Craig Cole as Police officers.

Director Justin P Lange The Seventh Day

The Seventh Day is ready to take you through the journey of those things that are always on your mind as questions. Evil and goodness, differences that lead to the weakening of the lines between them and that cause Satan to cross the line and anything you can imagine can trigger the horror in you is shown in the film. These things are mostly mentioned in religious scriptures and we are always thinking about them but the right answers don’t seem to get or may not really exist, thinking this we continue.

The Seventh Day, the basic story is that because the newly hired pastor starts his training which is shown in the movie that due to his inactivity, the devil starts to enter the limits of transcending good and evil. You will want to know that this film is released in just a few weeks and until then you will definitely be able to enjoy the trailers of the film which has just been released. Horror movies are completely different emotions that you want to watch and at the same time your mind tends to reject them but still, you get over those thoughts and keep watching the movie.

Seventh Day – Release Date

The Seventh Day poster says God Help Us and God came to help fight the devil who has entered the good line after a series of mistakes that someone has done. The film will be released on March 18, 2021 in the United Arab Emirates. The Seventh Day directed by Justin P Lange is sure to give you the reasons or answers you’ve been looking for certain questions since childhood and is sure to find you something that will leave you wondering even after leaving the theater after watching this film, so you better be Don’t miss the film The Seventh Day which will be released on March 18, 2021. This means that it will take you more than 15-17 days for the film to be shown in theaters, because currently it is said that the film will be released in theaters and it seems that way because when the cinema is currently opening and that’s why people will definitely come to see The Seventh Day.

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