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Crisis is a 2021 crime thriller, with Nicholas Jarecki leading the production, direction and writing. Crisis stars Gary Oldman, Armie Hammer, and Evangeline Lily in the main cast. The film also stars Greg Kinnear, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, and Lily-Rose Depp. This film is an amalgamation of three stories revolving around the characters mentioned above. The linking between these storylines is – The opioid crisis. America is currently facing a major opioid crisis and this film revolves around the same thing. It seems that this is a big problem affecting the US right now. The big pharmaceuticals have become synonymous with the rogue companies driving this crisis. The story follows stories related to this crisis and its consequences for the main characters’ personal and professional lives. The film has an impressive catalog of talented actors who are in the cast.

The film hits theaters in the US on February 26, 2021. Critical reception of the film has been mixed. Critics mostly highlighted the film for its poor script and inadequate commentary. The film’s story contests with the serious problems of the Opioid crisis in America. However, the way the script is handled is not impressive. Apart from that, the film also experiences twists and turns about different things instead of focusing on the main issue at hand. In fact, other reviews praised the film for its phenomenal performance and riveting topic. Despite the negative consensus against the film. The performances of Gary Oldman and Lily Depp were praised the most. Overall, the film has laudable intentions but less than meaningful executions. There is great potential for commenting on the critical situation of the Opioid crisis, but due to the fabricated storytelling the film ends up being a disappointment.

The Gary Oldman Crisis 2021

Gary Oldman delivers a pivotal performance in Crisis (2021).

Crisis – Plot Synopsis and Details

Crisis is set amidst the ongoing and serious Opioid crisis in the United States. This film involves three stories which are directly and indirectly intertwined together. All of these storylines were influenced and driven by the opioid epidemic. The film was also promoted as “inspired by real events”. One of the stories is about an architect, who is an addict who is looking for his missing son. Others involve drug traffickers attempting to carry out multi-cartel drug smuggling operations. And finally, a university professor who goes against his employer at a large pharmaceutical company. Each story is interesting and enough to be a competent thriller. But here, all of this story has been poured into an over-the-top narrative soup that can feel overwhelming at times.

Arnie Hammer plays Jake, a DEA agent who has broken into an opioid-smuggling gang. He had to take every step with utmost care, trying to provide significant clues and payoffs to his DEA superiors. On top of that, he has to maintain his personality in disguise in the middle of a very dangerous cartel. Another story follows an architect Claire (Evangeline Lily), who is recovering from her oxycodone addiction. After discovering that her son had died from a drug overdose, she sought an investigation into the matter. However, with the hands of the police already busy with other cases like this, he turned to private investigators. The third is centered around Professor Brower. He teaches at a university in Detroit and works for a pharmaceutical company. When the company decided to launch a new drug called Klaralon, he was unable to do so. That’s because a drug that is said to be non-addictive is actually three times more addictive than Oxycodone.

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Ending Explained

The ending of the film is somewhat realistic and makes sense in a real world context. The opioid crisis is the result of one too many things. It involves corruption, politics, corporate greed, and rotting crime. Against the backdrop of all this, noble efforts to eradicate or reduce such problems are simply impossible. This film succeeded in conveying the opportunities that benefited the facilitators from this crisis. Brower ultimately cannot do anything to his employer. The FDA approved the drug and it was revealed that the drug also contained corrupt individuals. On the other hand, Jake and Claire were still recovering from their sadness. Claire kills Mom and Jake decides to quit being a cop. Ultimately, there is little the characters can do to counter the opioid epidemic.

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