Craig Cash and Caroline Aherne’s Relationship: The Whole Story


Family favorite Royle Craig Cash and Caroline Aherne’s relationship is like the Friends show with just two friends. Unfortunately the story of their friendship met a very tragic end when Caroline fell to her death. However, he was a warrior and died in battle. He has to fight several ailments, but the cure for his illness works with his dear friend, Craig Cash. Caroline and Craig wrote and created the Royle Family together. This is Caroline’s legacy that will live on and will breathe forever. Caroline has many health problems. As it is said, if you are in the trap of disease, it will never leave you. The same thing happened with his Initall he suffered from depression and alcoholism.

But when he sought treatment for his addiction, the pills and drugs had their own side effects, and he was diagnosed with cancer. She fell into a deep depression when her long-term relationship with Matt Bowers lost her husband to stomach cancer. He even tried to take his own life after losing the love of his life and having no will to live. However, he failed to take his own life, and that’s when his life changed. And he thought that life had given him a second chance. So, he had to make the most of it. He is a comedian. He made other people laugh, but he always cried himself to sleep every night. And how sad is that?

Craig Cash and Caroline Aherne's Relationship

Caroline Aherne Talks About Her Friendship With Craig On The Talk Show. (Source: Youtube)

Craig has always been a wonderful friend to him and was by his side even when he died. He even gave a speech at Caroline’s funeral. He always cries when he talks about it. The actor said that he had to take therapy sessions after he lost his dear friend.

Craig Cash and Caroline Aherne’s Relationship

Craig Cash and Caroline Aherne share a very beautiful friendship. They are human versions of friends forever. Craig is the one who fulfills Caroline’s last wish. Caroline wants to die working. But his health and echo therapy did not allow him to remain active. So he asked Craig to help him. He is a voice actor on GoogleBox, and he wants to continue his work, but he can’t. So he asked Craig to continue the work for him. Craig said in one of his interviews that he started it as his dying wish.

He says that it is a responsibility which he gave to him. She also said that she would relax and would be able to concentrate on her treatment if she found out that Craig was covering it up. But when he recovered from his Chemo session. Craig drove her to the office every day and stood by her side until her work was done and used to drive her home. In this world of betrayal and heartbreak, find friends like Craig.

Are Craig Cash And Caroline Aherne Lovers?

No, Craig Cash and Caroline Aherne are not a couple. People can only think of their relationship in a bad way. On the other hand, this is the most beautiful thing the industry has ever noticed. They are not lovers. They are just two friends who take care of each other. The two proved everyone wrong who said that a boy and a girl couldn’t stay friends. The two friends showed the world the meaning of forever. Craig stood next to his friend as he won the BAFTA award. But he was also there for her when she was vomiting and battling her illness. He was standing next to his coffin, and he was still standing by his tombstone. And this is what true friendship looks like.

But sadly the 21st century can never understand what kind of relationship they share because we have never witnessed anything like it in our lives. Friends are no longer friends, and in this world of trust issues, we will never find a friendship like Craig and Caroline.

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