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A movie list is not complete without science fiction films and there are new additions with new films for this genre. Cosmic Sin is an upcoming American science fiction film starring Bruce Wills and Frank Grillo. Filmmakers are ready to release films on multi-platforms such as theaters, VOD and digital platforms. Recently a trailer for the film was released and in a short time the trailer managed to get a good number of views and also appreciation from the audience in the form of likes of the trailer.

To gain insight from the film, this film will take you about 500 years into the future and then will give you the right to the situation that was going to happen at that time. The story of this film is as if from the point of view of an outer planet, the film involves various interesting terms such as interstellar war, remote planets. Just by hearing these terms many of us who have a passionate interest in learning about outer space have probably decided to watch this film. The screenplay was written by Edward Drake and Corey William Large.

Cosmic Sin Starring Frank Grillo and Bruce Willis

Cosmic Sin Starring Frank Grillo and Bruce Willis

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Cast details & film plot

Cosmic Sin’s cast includes actors such as Bruce Wills as James Ford, Eva De Dominici as Juda Sayle, Johnny Messner as Coco, Brandon Thomas Lee as Braxton Ryle, Lochlyn Munro as Alex Loche, Costas Mandylor as Ltg Tieve, Frank Grillo, Lana, Adelaide Kane , Luke Wilson, Corey William Large, Robert Laenen, Sarah May Sommers, Francis Cronin, Christian Hicks, Mark Rhynard, Kevin Kedgley, and Eric Buarque.

As said above, the main plot of this film is set 500 years from now, 2524 to be precise. In the film, it is seen that now we have mastered space technology and started acquiring other planets. in the universe, like the kingdoms of the past where ordinary humans captured and turned them into their kingdom. The story then continues when the major gets a call that the outer planet has been attacked by an alien fleet and this continues with various interstellar space wars which will definitely occur because when aliens attack other planets it is almost possible that war might occur. happen.

Cosmic Sin is ready to take you to the era of 2500 when most of the technology you never thought of before will arrive. Just out of curiosity so you can imagine how the next setup would be, say about 500 years from now. Obviously, the way the world will look is certainly different and then we have expanded our infinity to more planets, reached more planets across the universe and in the course of the war evolved due to more and more invasions of other planets. planets that may be preoccupied with humans or maybe aliens and it is certain that aliens will definitely attack in the form of war, it’s just that the dimensions of the war will be different, namely the war at that time will be an interstellar war in which a war is taking place between two different celestial bodies.

Cosmic Sin- Release Date

The release date for the film Cosmic Sin in the United States is March 12, 2021, this film directed by Edward Drake seems to attract viewers with strong story content about outer space. If you are a person who likes watching or reading anything related to outer space then Cosmic Sin is one of the films that you should not miss. Since the film only has 10 to 12 days to release, the creators are trying hard to promote the film well across all platforms as it will be shown in media including theater, VOD, and online digital streaming platforms. .

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